Trinkets season 2, episode 8 recap – what happened in “Black Friday”?

August 25, 2020
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Episode 8 shows all the dramas coming together as the characters lose their grips on controlling their lives.

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Episode 8 shows all the dramas coming together as the characters lose their grips on controlling their lives.

This recap of Netflix’s Trinkets season 2, episode 8, “Black Friday” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Elodie finds out she has been selected to sing at a musical venue and she’s buzzing. She rings Jillian and asks how her holiday is going; she tells her about the songwriter showcase she’s been accepted to. Jillian recommends “parent trapping” Moe and Tabitha to sort out the issues after Moe found out about Tabitha and Ben.

Joint custody and selfish Ben

Tabitha’s father tries to discuss joint custody with Tabitha but he also brings up the high credit card bill; she walks off and states that she chooses her mother. Meanwhile, Moe is still fuming at Ben and Tabitha. Ben tells her it isn’t about her but she calls him selfish. Their mother intervenes and Ben walks off. Nothing in Moe’s life is simple at the moment and episode 8, “Black Friday”, continues that trend.

A failed parent trap

Elodie gets both Tabitha and Moe together at the mall and asks them to sort it out. Moe then finds out that Elodie knew too (about Tabitha and Ben) and now she doesn’t trust either of them. Elodie then joins her family for Christmas shopping and starts stealing — her step-brother sees but she tells him to be quiet. Her behaviour is now influencing her family and this is not a great precedent to set.

Parent problems

The next morning, Moe’s mother is worried as Ben hasn’t come home. Moe promises to find Ben and tells her mother to get rest. As for Tabitha’s problems, her mother tells Tabitha to give her father a chance. Elodie attends the songwriter showcase and Jillian shows up. She gives Jillian a stolen bracelet and thanks her for being there.

Finding Ben

Moe finds Ben drinking in an abandoned warehouse. He apologises for going behind her back. Moe talks about how she feels when she looks at Noah, and Ben says the same about Tabitha. The siblings seem to have an understanding of this issue. Moe tells Ben to call his mother and she heads to the songwriter showcase.

A surprise guest

Elodie gets on stage and sings with her ukelele. She gets a little nervous and keeps breaking off and then Sabine joins her on stage randomly and gives her confidence. The pair sing together and Jillian looks a little hurt. Moe and Tabitha watch the performance and are impressed. Jillian walks out. The hurt on Jillian’s face is obvious — the scene is softly delivered to understand the anxiety and hurt that was running through Jillian’s mind in that one moment. The room was swallowing her.

Tabitha and Moe are friends again

Backstage, Sabine congratulates Elodie and asks if she’d like a drink. Elodie says she has to find her friend. Tabitha and Moe explain that Jillian made them aware that she was making her musical debut. Elodie gets off while Tabitha and Moe make up. Moe likes how Tabitha brings out something positive in Ben and gives her blessing. Elodie gets home and keeps repeatedly trying to contact Jillian but she won’t answer her and she has blocked her from social media. She also has another problem; her stepbrother is stealing now after she saw her in the mall. “Black Friday” is confirmation for Elodie; she needs to sort out her addiction, once and for all.

The ending

Tabitha’s parents talk to Tabitha about the credit card again. It’s a huge bill. Tabitha is surprised and claims she didn’t do this. Her mother believes her. The father agrees to call the credit card company — Tabitha agrees to dinner with him on the weekend.

Moe has decided she is going to come clean to Noah about Chase, the kiss and the blackmail — she calls herself “Moe 2.0”. Elodie speaks to Jillian at the school lockers — Jillian felt it was humiliating at the songwriter showcase. Elodie says there is nothing there and that her and Sabine are “beyond broken up”. Jillian does not feel like it’s nothing and wishes Elodie luck.

Anyway, more drama as Brady is asked to go to Miss Shaw’s office. As for Moe, she finds Noah outside and she’s super excited to see him. Noah reveals he found that Brady cheated on his math test and turned him in. Moe panics and then Noah receives a message — it’s the photo of Moe and Chase sharing a kiss. Noah says he’s sick of the lies and says they are done for good this time and walks away. Moe is devastated, tears streaming down her face. This is a huge shame as Moe was finally finding a balance in her life and coming to terms to who she is and then this happened. Trinkets season 2, episode 8, “Black Friday” shows all the dramas coming together as the characters lose their grips on controlling their lives.

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