Trinkets season 2, episode 9 recap – what happened in “Aren’t You Gonna Say Something”?

August 25, 2020
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Episode 9 sees the trio lose complete control as the consequences of recent events become damaging.

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Episode 9 sees the trio lose complete control as the consequences of recent events become damaging.

This recap of Netflix’s Trinkets season 2, episode 9, “Aren’t You Gonna Say Something” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Brady insists that he never cheated on the test. He tells Miss Shaw that there’s a rumour going around about her test being available online. He tells her he is happy to retake it. This may not end well for Moe who confronts Brady about what he’s done. He’s smug about it.

Deny, deny, deny

Moe meets Tabitha and Elodie in the bathroom. Tabitha states they just need to deny it. Moe is concerned that Chase may have seen her on Miss Shaw’s laptop but she’s sure he didn’t register it. Moe asks Chase who he thinks stole the test data from Miss Shaw’s laptop. He isn’t sure but he’s sure it wasn’t him or Moe and he feels they need to talk to Miss Shaw about it. This is super awkward for Moe — it’s out of her control regardless of how she tries to take control.

Luca returns

Elodie tells Tabitha that she’s not sure how to tell Jillian that she’s over Sabine. Tabitha tells Elodie that “Sabine will Sabine”. Elodie then makes Tabitha aware that Sabine has invited her to a recording studio — Tabitha joins her. Surprisingly, Luca turns up with sandwiches for the band but then he runs off. Tabitha chases after him and demands explanations. She then accuses him of stealing her credit card information.

Luca admits that he’s f*cked up. He gives her the expensive watch that he purchased with her credit card and drives off. Tabitha smashes the watch on the floor. This moment wasn’t particularly about the credit card — it’s about the fact that the character keeps having her trust taken advantage of by men.

Telling Moe the truth

Moe tries to talk to Noah — he tells her that the whole test-cheating scandal is linked to her and that Brady blackmailed her. Noah wants everything to be okay for Moe but he doesn’t want her back.

Elodie’s song

At the studio, Sabine asks the producer to play the demo. It’s Elodie’s song that has been sampled by Sabine. Elodie looks at Sabine, clearly feeling something and tells the producer to stop. Sabine thought the song was about her but Elodie claims the song is about her mom. Elodie leaves the studio upset, stating she wants nothing from Sabine and then heads to a store to steal. She starts stealing frantically, getting more and more upset. The store owner doesn’t say anything which makes her even more upset. Her relapses are getting more and more aggressive.

My addiction

In a records shop, Jillian agrees to meet Elodie and it’s a little awkward. Elodie tells Jillian about her secret that she’s ashamed about — that she’s addicted to stealing and it started when her mother died and she does it when she doesn’t want to feel anything. Jillian says she really likes her but her older sister covers up an addiction and she can never tell if she’s lying or telling the truth. She walks away from Elodie.

I want my own transformation

Tabitha tells Ben that Luca stole her credit card which has impacted her truth issues even more. She’s tired of getting with someone and being someone she isn’t. Ben tells Tabitha that he’ll give her time and space to find out who she is. Tabitha wants the time to find out who she needs to be — this relationship did not last long but Tabitha needed this — it’s a good choice for the character who has been used and abused frequently.

The ending

Sabine sends Elodie her song and says she can keep it as it is hers. Rumours are flying around about who stole Miss Shaw’s test. Suddenly, Miss Shaw and security walk into the cafeteria and grab Chase — he’s the number 1 suspect, much to the horror of Moe. Trinkets season 2, episode 9 sees the trio lose complete control as the consequences of recent events become damaging.

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