Who is Jillian in Trinkets season 2?

August 25, 2020
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This article “Who is Jillian in Trinkets season 2?” contains important and major spoilers. 

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As the beginning of season 2 implies, Sabine is well and truly out of the picture after Elodie made the heartbreaking decision to walk away. But Elodie is a hopeless romantic in many ways — from nervous introvert to expressive and socialite teen, it’s time for her to have a new love interest in season 2 — who is Jillian in Trinkets season 2?

Let’s talk about Jillian

Nervous, apprehensive but kind of quirky with a slight hesitation with her sentences — that’s the best to describe Jillian. She’s the absolute opposite of Sabine. Jillian is introverted and shy, secretive and more difficult to approach. However, she does have a sweet side to her that evidently compels Elodie very early in season 2.

How does Elodie meet her?

As part of her punishment for running away, Elodie is tasked by her father to find an after-school activity. She joins the band group and Jillian introduces herself to Elodie. Noah senses immediately that Elodie fancies the new character and suggests that she approaches her.

Why is Elodie nervous about her?

Elodie is not 100% sure if Jillian is gay and presumes a journey where they are friends first. At a Halloween party, Elodie finally realizes that Jillian is dressed up as the first American female astronaut in space — Sarah Ride — a woman that happened to be gay but never came out; her obituary revealed who her true partner was. Elodie and Jillian hit it off quickly, however, Jillian does hesitate after their first kiss.

“Not sure where I am on the spectrum”

It’s revealed that she is not sure who she is into sexually and she is still figuring out things. Elodie shows her strength and development in season 2 and agrees to take it slow with Jillian, accepting that they both need to work on their own personal issues. The new character is not ready to “come out” at the start of season 2.

Are Elodie and Jillian official?

They are, albeit briefly and secretly. Unfortunately, the appearance of Sabine and the reveal of Elodie’s addiction throws plenty of doubt on their relationship. Jillian feels inferior to Sabine and Elodie has to find a way to convince her that she’s the one she wants. The second season ends with the pair making progress to potentially get back together, however, it leaves the relationship unanswered. This is the final season so it leaves it up to the viewer’s imagination.

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