Aggretsuko season 3, episode 1 recap – “The Blessings of Life” Addicted to VR.



“The Blessings of Life” is a great opener to this addictive anime series as Retsuko has more compounding problems.

This recap of Netflix anime series Aggretsuko season 3, episode 1, “The Blessings of Life” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

In the wake of her break up, Retsuko is dating virtually with an AI, spending loads of money on her e-partner via VR headsets. She still yearns to be a model employee as she heads into work. Nothing has changed it seems.

Acting strangely

At work, her colleagues believe Retsuko is acting strangely. Fenneko speaks to her about a theory she has; that her heartbreak has left a void after her romance with Tadano ended and that she’s found a virtual boyfriend that has brought her here today feeling flustered. You can always trust Fenneko to break down the truth.

Reckless spending

Retsuko suddenly gets down and accepts she is going to live a mediocre, dull life and that’s why she spends it on her virtual boyfriend Seiya. She is warned about her reckless spending. Retsuko goes home and tries to force herself to not buy anything on her virtual boyfriend. The next day, she reveals at work that she spent an awful amount of money. She’s in a deep, dark, financial hole that’s only going to get worse.

Fancy investing

Fenneko recommends that she borrows a little money off Anai. Retsuko then meets Gori about side hustles and Gori then introduces her to an “Innovative” matchmaking app and asks Retsuko if she’d like to invest; she can’t as she has no money.

The ending

Retsuko’s mother asks Retsuko to drive her to the hot spring and she’s delighted. They enjoy nice meals and relaxing waters while watching the moon. On the way home, she accidentally hits another car which may be a costly painful mistake. Aggretsuko season 3, episode 1, “The Blessings of Life” is a great opener to this addictive anime series as Retsuko has more compounding problems.

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