Aggretsuko season 3, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

August 27, 2020
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“When You Count to Ten” is an unexpected and brave ending as Retsuko faces her biggest obstacle yet.

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“When You Count to Ten” is an unexpected and brave ending as Retsuko faces her biggest obstacle yet.

This recap of Netflix anime series Aggretsuko season 3, episode 10, “When You Count to Ten” — the ending explained — contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Retsuko tells her bandmates that getting strange fans and “hate” comes with the job and they feel she’s taking it rather well. When she’s in the bathroom, she remembers Ton saying she’ll have nowhere to run when the group fails. Our character is clearly not taking recent events well.

Who shall Haida pick?

As for Haida, he’s doing heads/tails and other methods to find out which woman he should pick — it keeps coming to the conclusion of Inui. Fenneko tells him to be happy and pick Inui. It seems like the logical choice at this stage…

Stalker fan

Back to Retsuko; Hyodo offers to take her to work in light of what happened. Someone is still taking photos of Retsuko for the social media account and following her whereabouts. Fans now know where she works. Manaka rings Retsuko and warns her and tells her to stay in the office. This isn’t a prank, it’s a warning.


And then the ending of Aggretsuko season 3 takes a bizarre, violent and shocking turn…

As Retsuko walks home, the strange fan attacks Retsuko with a cutter knife — Haida arrives and brings the attacker to the ground. He then walks over to Retsuko and she’s bleeding and unconscious — he’s distraught. Inui arrives and calls an ambulance; she reassures Haida that he did the right thing. He tells Inui he would have chosen her and he apologizes. Inui walks off disappointed. In times of distress, Haida learns who he truly wants to be with.


Unconcious Retsuko starts dreaming and she starts imagining all the fan hate against her. She realizes in her dream that she cannot take this world. She then remembers growing up and how she ended up being in the career she’s in — serious and diligent. Back in the office, her colleagues learn that she’s on temporary leave as she believes she doesn’t belong anywhere.

100% match

Haida sits with his colleagues in a cafe in “When You Count to Ten” and explains how he picked Retsuko over Inui. They tell him that Retsuko needs to heal from emotional trauma. When Gori uses her new dating app it says that Haida’s soul mate and destined-to-be lover is Retsuko — it’s a 100% match. This is the spark Haida needed to up the gears — he needed certainty and evidence to pursue the one he has feelings for.

Bringing Retsuko back

Haida heads over to Retsuko’s mother’s house and goes to her room. He brings her back to the city and they go to the karaoke booth. He asks her to come back to the city but she insists she is scared and that she’s not strong. Retsuko tells Haida that he doesn’t know her that well and all these demands are another form of abuse.

Leave me alone

Haida activates the karaoke and does his death metal and calls her a chicken. Retsuko then asks Haida what he wants and he shows her the 100% match in the dating app. Retsuko tells him to leave her alone. She then uses the karaoke and sings about Haida trying to save her but that it “doesn’t work that way”. He grabs her halfway through the song and says “Then let’s punch back!”.

The ending

OTM Girls are on stage at a rock festival and Retsuko is singing. After the event, Retsuko pays Hyodo the settlement she owes. The band says that without Retsuko they may need to go back to part-time but they’ll make their way back up. As “When You Count to Ten” ends, Retsuko keeps on counting to ten and explaining that we can be whatever we want to be. In the last scene, Haida asks if she has eaten and it’s assumed they go out for a meal together. Aggretsuko season 3, episode 10 is an unexpected and brave ending as Retsuko faces her biggest obstacle yet.

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