Aggretsuko season 3, episode 2 recap – “Deep in the Hole” Finding financial solutions.



“Deep in the Hole” sees our lead character get into a world of more problems as she barely has any money to stand.

This recap of Netflix anime series Aggretsuko season 3, episode 2, “Deep in the Hole” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Fenneko is now into the world of virtual dating and she’s excited at the appearance of Seiya. She now understands Retsuko’s obsession. Meanwhile, Retsuko is dealing with her small car accident and is talking to the gentleman that she hit. He suddenly drives off with his dented car and he isn’t interested in sorting anything out with the police and insurance. The police tell Retsuko that there’s nothing they can do if he’s gone. This does not serve Retsuko’s anxiety well.

Insurance worries

At work, Retsuko is stressing about her finances and insurances. When she visits her insurance company, there’s little they can do. Haida tries speaking to her but she’s not focusing at all; she’s too much in her own head. Haida is once again frustrated at his romantic feelings for her. A running theme in the Netflix series.

Wrong time to ask for money

Retsuko meets Gori in her new place. Gori reveals she has bought the place and all the new items by getting out a large down payment which has backed her in a corner. Retsuko realizes this is a bad time to ask for money. She changes the subject and talks about how she wants to get back on the dating scene.

The ending

When she gets home, she gets a random phone call from the man she had a car accident with. They meet in a cafe. He asks her what she told the police; he gives her a settlement agreement while holding his aching neck. She realizes the settlement is fair. She signs the agreement and gives him a little money from what her mother gave her — Retsuko then promises to pay him back with side jobs. The man wants to give her a job instead.

He takes Retsuko to what looks like a nightclub and a girl group of singers is on the stage. The man asks the crowd to get hyped by the girl group. Aggretsuko season 3, episode 2, “Deep in the Hole”, sees our lead character get into a world of more problems as she barely has any money to stand.

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