Aggretsuko season 3, episode 3 recap – “A Sheltered Life”

August 27, 2020
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“A Sheltered Life” sees Retsuko find a solution in a middling chapter.

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“A Sheltered Life” sees Retsuko find a solution in a middling chapter.

This recap of Netflix anime series Aggretsuko season 3, episode 3, “A Sheltered Life” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Retsuko meets the OTM Girls — the man who introduces her to them is their manager — he’s a producer and wants to hire Retsuko so she can pay back her debts. One of the OTM girls asks her to get tissues and gummy bears from the shop.

What’s my salary?

Retsuko is called the accountant but she’s basically the OTM Girl’s assistant. She then asks the manager about her salary but he reveals they are in the red as a business — they need operating profits first. She’s so deep in a hole she’s now working for free.

Something is wrong

At work, Retsuko is tired and keeps sleeping at her desk. Fenneko and Haida ask her if she’s okay and she insists she is fine. The pair want to investigate as they do not believe her.

Back at her second job, Retsuko questions the finances and tells the manager (now known as Hyodo) that he is clearly ordering too much. Hyodo then tells Retsuko to collect debt off someone and not to return until she gets the money. The person she has collected debt from calls her “scum” and she gets angry and she goes into her rock karaoke booth and sings about financial hell.

The ending

Washmi meets Retsuko and tells her she has stopped looking for a solution and clearly sympathises. Washmi lends money to Retsuko to help her. Now feeling less anxious, Retsuko vows to be the best accountant at both jobs. At the OTM Girls, she gives Hyodo a financial plan and a more sensible way to move forward.

Inui speaks to Haida about a book and a romance seems to be brewing which perks Fenneko’s interests. Aggretsuko season 3, episode 3, “A Sheltered Life”, sees Retsuko find a solution in a middling chapter.

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