Aggretsuko season 3, episode 7 recap – “An Impenetrable Wall” Learn to play.



“An Impenetrable Wall” sees the music group having to up their skills as the romances in the series starts to get complicated.

This recap of Netflix anime series Aggretsuko season 3, episode 7, “An Impenetrable Wall” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

It opens with Haida getting ready for work. As he walks out of his bedroom, you see his guitar next to his bed. He goes out for a date with Inui and they get something to eat. Inui asks about the band he used to be in and asks if he still plays. She wants to watch him play which makes him nervous.

Talking of instruments

Haida meets with Tadano and tells him about Inui wanting to see him play his guitar; he admits that she’s a nice woman. Meanwhile, Hyodo asks OTM Girls who can play an instrument. He’s bought an entire set of guitars and drum sets without even asking them if they have the skills to play. He tells them they need a selling point and to perform at a rock festival. Hyodo asks the group to learn how to use instruments.

Stop apologising

One of the band members asks Retsuko whether you can live a happy life without hurting anyone — she talks about how everyone is drawn to Retsuko’s talent and tells her to stop apologising. Meanwhile, Gori and Wishimi talk about how Retsuko looks happy and Wishimi reveals how she’s finally paying off her debts. Gori suddenly feels she has to do something and goes into the usual gossip mode.

Private meeting

Gori, Tadano and Haida meet up in a private room. They talk about Inui. Gori wants all the gossip. She wonders how Tadano and Haida became friends when they are on opposites sides of the spectrum — she learns they are connected by Retsuko by romance. Gori introduces Haida to the new dating app and asks if he wants to know if he and Retsuko are compatible which makes him extremely anxious. You have to wonder if this Haida/Retsuko storyline will be resolved in Season 3.

The ending

Retsuko continues to practice the guitar and learns the different notes. She’s struggling to pick it up. Her hands are bruised from the guitar strings and she gets hungry. As for Tadano, he’s taking an interest in the dating app by Gori and offers to help with the server management and development. Retsuko realizes that she needs an instrumentalist to help her. Haida rings Inui about showing her his musical skills and asks her to come over. Aggretsuko season 3, episode 7, “An Impenetrable Wall” sees the music group having to up their skills as the romances in the series starts to get complicated.

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