Aggretsuko season 3, episode 8 recap – “Bursting Her Bubble” A self-made love triangle.



“Bursting Her Bubble” focuses mostly on Haida as he struggles with the love triangle he has created for himself.

This recap of Netflix anime series Aggretsuko season 3, episode 8, “Bursting Her Bubble” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

The OTM Girls are enjoying themselves on stage and Haida is watching. He seems impacted that his romantic interest is now a small star. Afterward, the girl group meet up and update on their progress on the instruments. It really is “do or die”. Their last chance to make it to the top.

Maybe I never had a chance

Haida and Inui arrange another night together and Inui offers to cook. Fenneko asks Haida if he’s giving up on Retsuko. He can’t really pinpoint why he has feelings for Retsuko, apart from the time he saw her take water home from the office dispenser. He accepts that maybe he never had a chance in the first place.

But then he gets a text; Retsuko asks Haida if he can teach her the guitar. Fenneko tells him to draw the line but he texts her back saying “Sure thing”. Fenneko is disappointed in him. Haida is a character that seems to not be able to get over his feelings for Retsuko, even after 3 seasons.


Retsuko heads to Haida’s place to practice the guitar on a Saturday. Haida shows her the strings. Retsuko gets upset rather quickly because her fingers hurt. But eventually, she starts to get the hang of it.

The ending

Retsuko thanks Haida for being a friend and helping her. Haida is happy that he supported her. As she walks away, Inui passes her and makes her way to Haida’s house. She’s brought ingredients to cook. Inui sees two glasses in his sink and she obviously assumes that he’s had a guest.

Haida plays the guitar for her and she’s impressed. He starts acting weird so they agree to eat. Inui heads to the bathroom and sees a garment that belongs to Retsuko and she’s upset; she leaves to go home. He apologizes to her and she explains he has nothing to apologize for — she asks him one question — “Do you like me?”. Aggretsuko season 3, episode 8, “Bursting Her Bubble”, focuses mostly on Haida as he struggles with the love triangle he has created for himself.

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