Woke season 1, episode 2 recap – what happened in “What Prequels?”

September 9, 2020
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“What Prequels?” shows a character in denial and going through the motions of a broken career.

This recap of Hulu’s Woke season 1, episode 2, “What Prequels?” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Keef wakes up from a nightmare about the disaster of the day before. His Marker Pen wakes him up and reminds him it was all real. Keef wants to try and fix everything. As he takes on the day, his friends and partner are coddling him a bit too much. Clovis reminds Keef that he lost his mind and it wasn’t a blip — he advises that he goes to his publisher and pretends nothing happened. Gunther is against this idea.

You could have been a legend

Keef heads to the publisher and asks for a meeting with Phil and Cindy — the receptionist seems surprised. Cindy meets him and keeps her distance on the table. There’s a silence in the room initially and Cindy wonders why Keef is pretending that Golden-Con didn’t happen. She tells him that the publisher is not sure about this new direction he’s taking. Cindy expresses that as a minority, she followed the rules and that he could have been a Legend — John Legend. Keef claims he can fix it as she shows him a video of him having a breakdown on stage. It hasn’t sunk in for the character at this point that he’s destroyed his career.

You’re a meme now

Keef meets Ayana, the executive from the media publisher “The Bay Arena” that has revealed the video of him at Golden-Con. He wants the video taken down but she doesn’t want to remove it. Ayana says he’s a meme now and shows videos on YouTube and tells him to “Buckle up”.

I’m back

As he walks through the city, objects and posters keep talking to him about how he is going to be broke. Keef arrives at the comic store and asks Nancy if he can hang out in the place. Nancy wonders if Keef is going crazy. As he sits down, cartoons on the wall tell him to draw Toast and Butter again to fix everything. His Marker Pen tells him that he cannot draw that “Toast and Butter nonsense” and that he needs to draw something with purpose and meaning. Keef and the Marker Pen fight with each other as he draws. He shows Nancy the drawing and claims he is back. Woke season 1, episode 2 brings this notion that is Marker Pen is trying to bring out the real Keef.

The ending

When he returns to the publisher, the security guard won’t let him in. There’s a photo of him that says “No entry” and it’s blatantly darkened. Keef then plucks up the courage to speak to Katrina and tries to make up with her. She breaks up with him after not speaking for two days. Keef says he didn’t speak to her about it for two days because she wouldn’t have understood what happened to him. Katrina is discouraged by his words and walks off. Keef looks at the stars with Gunther. His friend talks about fate and how it will all “work out”. Keef confesses that he’s hallucinating but Gunther doesn’t act shocked. He goes to the trash can and gets out the Marker Pen who says “We got work to do”. “What Prequels?” shows a character in denial and going through the motions of a broken career.

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