Woke season 1, episode 5 recap – what happened in “Oaktown Get-Down”?

September 9, 2020
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Hulu series Woke season 1, episode 5 - Oaktown Get-Down


“Oaktown Get-Down” shows Keef’s internal conflict with the world impact his art and relationships in a socially awkward chapter.

This recap of Hulu’s Woke season 1, episode 5, “Oaktown Get-Down” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Keef is allowing the whole “Cancel Keef” momentum in social media get to him. Adrienne meets him and wants to talk about the night before where she wore a “Black People For Rent” t-shirt. She tells him she was cancelled when she was 12 year’s old and advises that he needs to take his mind off it by going swing dancing. He isn’t into that so takes him to her swing set in her art studio — she calls it an interactive installation. Keef enjoys the swing — it has somehow worked momentarily. Episode 5 shows a conflicted Keef and it doesn’t put him in good stead.

Getting amongst the elite

Keef asks for feedback on his latest drawings from Gunther and Clovis. They don’t seem to like it. He thinks this is the opportunity to turn his fortunes around. Keef attends an Oakland artists’ salon in hope to get in with the artistic elite. He shows Ayana his new stuff at the salon and she seems a little impressed but asks him to present and not back out.

Clovis, I’m gay

At the party, Clovis tries chatting Ayana up and asks for the full payment for the sneakers. She tells Clovis that she’s gay. Ayana then sees her ex — they broke up that morning and she’s already flirting with other women at the salon. Woke is giving more background to Ayana rather than just keeping her as an activist.

No more white people

Keef tries to impress Black Noir at the party — this person is the highest of the elite so if Keef impresses, his reputation is saved. Black Noir hints that they won’t want to see white people in art as that’s all they see — Keef goes to the bathroom and changes his characters to all black in his latest cartoon, which means changing Adrienne in one of the pieces. Keef is once again in a sticky situation.

The ending

Ayana starts the show and she’s being down a little because her ex is there. Clovis tries to reassure Ayana that her ex is not the best and it works. Adrienne shows up to the salon and Keef is now worried as he changed her to black in his cartoon. He really wants to back out.

Keef tries to back out but Ayana tells him if he does, she will never write about his art again. He gets up and presents his work. He tries not to show his last piece of work because he’s made Adrienne black but Ayana insists that he shows it. Keef shows it and it looks like Adrienne is doing Black-face in bed with him. Black Noir praises it for the “Black on Black” love and Adrienne walks out.

Woke season 1, episode 5, “Oaktown Get-Down”, shows Keef’s internal conflict with the world impact his art and relationships in a socially awkward chapter.

Additional points
  • Gunther takes mushrooms at the party and ends up in a strange situation with a couple.

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