Woke season 1, episode 7 recap – what happened in “Prayers for Kubby”?

September 9, 2020
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The penultimate episode naturally puts our character in a position that puts his story in a full circle, ready for the finale.

This recap of Hulu’s Woke season 1, episode 7, “Prayers for Kubby” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Keef finds out that Toast and Butter have been remade by his ex-publisher. Gunther says that black people are the worst at holding on to the s**t. Keef is ready to settle this once and for all and he’s got himself an arts lawyer. Gunther is suddenly excited about going to get ice-cream made by breast milk. A strange, funny start to Woke but this turns out to be a significant chapter for Keef.

Kubby has escaped

While on the bus, the three friends learn from another passenger that Kubby the Koala has escaped from the zoo. That’s why the traffic is so slow. Keef doesn’t understand why the news is so important. He starts mocking the other passengers about the importance of Kubby. Gunther believes Planet of the Apes is starting. Keef’s irritation and problems start from here in “Prayers for Kubby”.

Not allowed off the bus

One of the passengers announces that Kubby has been found and everyone celebrates. Keef is feeling anxious all of a sudden as he sees a homeless person at the back wanting money. A police officer then comes on the bus and tells them that no-one can get off this bus has Kubby has been sighted and they don’t want to scare the animal. Keef is getting more anxious as he’s going to miss his appointment with his arts lawyer. Nothing is going his way in episode 7.

There’s a crazy man on the bus

Keef asks the bus driver if he can get off the bus but she says no. And then he sees a Bible talking to him at the back of the bus. The Bible tells him that Kubby is more important to him on his journey than he thinks. Suddenly, Keef is the crazy man on the bus as it looks like he’s talking to himself. The bus driver then reveals that Kubby has been killed — they put the koala in a chokehold. Gunther shows the video of Kubby getting taken down which reminds Keef when he was arrested by the cops due to racial profiling. Everyone is shocked and saddened by the news, except for Keef.

Finally off the bus

Keef then starts shouting and demands that the driver lets him off the bus. He has a breakdown but then he gets on the bus roof and escapes. Clovis and Gunther tell Keef to chill. Keef is emotional as his work is being taken off him and that real injustices are happening in the world but everyone is crying over a koala.

The ending

The group then reach a protest for “Justice for Kubby”. Keef decides to make a speech to the crowd. He graffitis over one of the protest signs. The crowd starts booing and Keef says he’s well aware that they don’t care about him. He asks the crowd if they care about when “they” get shot, referring to black communities. As Keef continues his breakdown, Gunther tells Clovis that they should leave him too it as needs it. Keef is then punched by a person dressed in a koala costume. Keef admits that he needs help as he lays on the floor. It seems that Keef’s breakdown has finally reached full circle. Woke episode 7, “Prayers for Kubby”, naturally puts our character in a position that puts his story in a full circle, ready for the finale.

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