Woke season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

September 9, 2020
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“Blue Lies Matter” platforms a satisfactory finale as Keef finally comes to terms with his purpose in the world.

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“Blue Lies Matter” platforms a satisfactory finale as Keef finally comes to terms with his purpose in the world.

This recap of Hulu’s Woke season 1, episode 8, “Blue Lies Matter” — the ending explained — contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

The episode begins with the paper bag, the alcohol and the Marker Pen talking to each other about what’s next for Keef. And then it is back to the story; Keef has been taking part in therapy and to tackle his issues, he’s been drawing them in comic strips, including the time he was tackled to the floor by the police officer. Keef is then served notice again. The cop who tackled him to the ground is suing him. He needs a lawyer… again. Episode 8 sees one last curveball thrown at Keef to end Season 1.

A strange request

Keef meets his ex, Katrina, for advice on his case. She tells Keef his latest work is great and that her department is willing to let this case go away. Katrina tells Keef that the cop wants a beer with him to settle the lawsuit. He’s confused as to why the police want an open discussion over a beer. Ayana tells Keef to hijack the platform and to speak about “police in the community”.

Behind enemy lines

The next day, Keef attends the event with the police officer to have a chat and a beer. There are media people outside. Back at the apartment, Gunther lists various situations where Keef might get shot by the police at this event. The cop and Keef have their conversation which gets off to an awkward start. The cop doesn’t want to look like a thug to his kids. Keef shows his cards with questions on so the cop starts answering them and then orders beers — Keef is done with the bullsh*t but the cop wants to shake hands in front of the cameras. The police ask Keef to apologize for his actions in front of the journalists. Keef asks everyone to leave apart from him and the cop. “Blue Lies Matter” shows that this is just a media circus so the police do not have any difficult PR issues.

The ending

He asks the cop if he meant any of his words during the chat. The cop just wants Keef to apologize so he’s not at a desk every day — he’s angry at the comic strip Keef drew of him. The pair argue as the cop claims that they are under siege every day and warns Keef that he needs to be more careful next time. Keef then asks what a threat is and starts antagonizing the cop. Keef flicks the cop with beer over and over again and then he is arrested.

From the police cell, Keef rings Adrienne and tells her that he is in jail. He wants to give them both a shot at a relationship as he’s in a better place now. Keef is then freed and Ayana asks if it was worth it. Gunther says that Keef’s actions have had an impact. As he leaves the police station, Keef is hounded by the journalists about his activism and bravery. In the end, he got the deserved attention — this is now a new phase in his life.

Woke season 1, episode 8, “Blue Lies Matter” platforms a satisfactory finale as Keef finally comes to terms with his purpose in the world.

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