Who are Clovis and Gunther in Hulu series Woke?

September 9, 2020
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This article “Who are Clovis and Gunther in Hulu series Woke?” contains important and major spoilers. 

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Keef is most certainly the lead character in Woke, however, he does have two friends in the storyline that help prop up the series as a comedy. It can be argued that Keef’s two friends are the funnier characters in the group while Keef tends to maintain a serious persona. So let’s delve into it — Who are Clovis and Gunther in Hulu series Woke?


This character feels more like an outsider than the other two. Gunther tends to be a one-liner type of character that surprises the audiences with his quick wit. It’s strange that in a series about a black man’s realization of his place in white communities that Gunther is the most progressive sounding of the three. With his hippy approach, Gunther seems to understand the social consequences of his friend’s actions. He seems to genuinely care about racism and has a vast understanding of the cultural war Keef finds himself involved with.

The Hulu series should have delved more into Gunther but that may have been inappropriate considering the nature of the story and what it involves.


Keef’s other best friend, Clovis, is one of those friends that you have to keep seated on a night out. He genuinely believes he is God’s gift to women and uses any vocabulary possible to try and woo a potential romantic interest. Clovis is a character that sends a message to all men about women; understand your boundaries and treat the opposite sex with respect. Despite Clovis being a funny character and a good friend to Keef, there are many question marks in how he acts. As the series wears on, he learns quite a lot about himself, mostly due to the dressing down from another woman.

So there you have it, here is a high-level breakdown of Keef’s best friends.

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