Who is Adrienne in Hulu series Woke?

September 9, 2020
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This article “Who is Adrienne in Hulu series Woke?” contains important and major spoilers. 

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At the start of season 1 of Woke, Keef has a slight breakdown which leads to the break-up with his girlfriend. He clearly had no emotional availability when it came to discussing his issues which caused trust issues. The series did not give up on Keef though and gave him a new romantic interest — who is Adrienne in Hulu series Woke?

How did Keef meet Adrienne?

In strange circumstances, Keef is invited to a party by a wealthy white woman. When he arrives at the party, it’s full of “artistic people” but Keef soon notices that he’s the only black man there. He also realizes that everyone is super interested in him — he was invited to the party as a novelty because he’s a black cartoonist. Keef becomes a black man for rent. However, at the party, he does bump into Adrienne who has a private conversation with him away from the commotion. Adrienne is a cool and calm woman who is full of banter — she builds a rapport and embeds into the story with ease.

So they became a couple?

Not straight away — both Keef and Adrienne shared similar creative traits however they sold their hookups as something casual rather than serious. However, when feelings came to play, it gets more complicated between them. Keef’s battle with his identity and his perspective of the world becomes more intense and he is not sure how Adrienne fits into that. The pair decide it is best to break it off before one of them gets hurt.

Is this the end of Keef and Adrienne?

There was always this sense that even after they broke things off it would not be the end, despite Adrienne telling Keef not to call her. Near the end of season 1, Keef feels revitalized and more himself — he gives Adrienne a call and states how he would like to give them both a shot at a relationship.

If there’s a season 2, we will see if this pans out.

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