Who is Ayana in Hulu series Woke?

September 9, 2020
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Who is Ayana in Hulu series Woke

This article “Who is Ayana in Hulu series Woke?” contains important and major spoilers. 

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At the very start of season 1 of Woke, Keef is having a crisis of identity and he is unable to understand his feelings or thought processes. Of course, Keef has his friends and romantic interests to try and ride the wave, however, he finds himself as the crossroads plenty of times when thinking about his perspective. There is a character that is considered an ally outside of his friendship — so who is Ayana in Hulu series Woke?

How does Keef meet her?

When Keef has a career disaster, he becomes a friend and acquaintance of Anya. She’s an activist at heart and is heavily embedded in the art world, often involving herself in the publication of articles.

Why is this important to Keef?

Keef’s issue is the treatment of the black community and Ayana heavily helps activism in race issues. That’s her brand and motive in her career. Keef needs Ayana to help try to save his career but also gain perspective from another black character in the story.

Is Clovis interested in Ayana?

Clovis does creepily follow Ayana in one of the episodes to try and get a date with her but he is soon rejected. It’s later revealed that Ayana is not interested in men and she’s in fact interested in women. Her and Clovis are quite similar in traits; they both sleep around and struggle with maintaining a connection with someone. Despite Clovis’s earlier creepiness, Ayana builds a good rapport with him.

So does she help Keef out in the end?

She helps Keef get out of his comfort zone several times. Keef is a character that does require a nudge and Ayana is there to serve that concept in the storyline.

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