The Idhun Chronicles season 1, episode 1 recap – what happened in “Limbhad”?

September 10, 2020
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“Limbhad” is certainly a show setter, bringing in a mythological world and producing plenty of tragedies to get the audience’s interests perked.

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“Limbhad” is certainly a show setter, bringing in a mythological world and producing plenty of tragedies to get the audience’s interests perked.

This recap of Netflix anime series The Idhun Chronicles season 1, episode 1, “Limbhad” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Jack cycles with anxiety written all over his face as he races back. At the house, a dog cowers in his shelter as two figures approach him. Jack gets home and looks for his dog Joker. When he gets inside the house his father seems dead and he shouts for his mother. Tragedy strikes very early in this anime series.

Mysterious men

When he gets upstairs, a man lays his mother’s body on the floor — another tragedy for Jack. The man uses powers on Jack to throw him over. Suddenly, Jack senses he is going to die but then someone else enters the house and a duel ensues as Jack sits there. Two men grab Jack and use their powers to disappear.

Who are you?

Jack wakes up in a sweat and he believes it was a nightmare. A man comes downstairs and Jack asks what has happened to his parents but the man delivers him the bad news. Jack is frustrated with grief and anguish. Jack asks for names — the man introduces himself as Shail and his friend is called Alsan. Shail tells Jack that he wants to help him and explains that they come from a place that is ruled by an evil tyrant named Ashran who sent Kirtash to find people who have fled from him. He explains how they are exiled. Shail suggests that his parents may be from this place.

A necklace

Jack wants to go home but Shail warns that Kirtash will kill him if he leaves. Jack enters a kitchen and a woman named Victoria puts a necklace around his neck — it’s a magical communication amulet — if he wears it, he can understand Idhunese.

A vision

Jack enters what looks like a library and he checks out the books. There’s a table with a large blue sphere in the middle, surrounded by gold patterns. When he touches the patterns, the sphere produces energy and suddenly Jack is flying in the sky. There are dragons in the sky with him. He then sees planets aligning, creating a large energy force, shooting the dragons from the sky into flames. Victoria wakes Jack up. He explains how he saw giant serpents attack dragons in a red sky.

Where are we?

Victoria explains that the Soul showed him what happened in Idhun — their world. The Shek invaded Idhun. Jack explains that he’s seen those serpents in his dreams before. Victoria talks about Limbhad, which means “The House in the Border”;  the best of both worlds and then she proceeds to talk about magicians. Limbhad is between the Earth and Idhun. She shows him the forest where Limbhad ends. Jack refuses to believe it all, which is strange because at this stage he’s suspended his belief for everything else.

It was all my fault

Jack enters the forest and sees the border and tries to walk through it. He notices his phone battery is low and starts crying. He acknowledges that Kirtash murdered his parents because they believed they were magicians and blames their deaths on him. He believes he used magic by accident which brought Kirtash to them. Victoria heals Jack’s ankle and it doesn’t hurt anymore — she explains how she was born on earth but never met her parents; her grandmother adopted her.

The ending

Alsan, the leader of the Resistance introduces himself to Jack and he explains how they have to stop Kirtash. He apologises for not being able to save his parents. Alsan offers to train Jack and welcomes him to the Resistance. As the episode ends, Kirtash tells Elrion he is capable of finishing the mission without him but Elrion reminds him that Ashran sent him to help. Kirtash looks at a photo and vows to find Jack. The Idhun Chronicles season 1, episode 1 is certainly a show setter, bringing in a mythological world and producing plenty of tragedies to get the audience’s interests perked.

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