The Idhun Chronicles season 1, episode 4 recap – what happened in “Rescue plans”? Here's a long story.



“Rescue Plans” is not a good chapter — it seems to think that giving the viewers heavy exposition in the penultimate episode is a good idea in a mini anime series.

This recap of Netflix anime series The Idhun Chronicles season 1, episode 4, “Rescue plans” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Victoria tries to join Kirtash but Shail helps the group teleport away. Kirtash is not concerned though as they have someone they want — Alsan. Shail tells the others that they need to save Alsan but Kartish will be expecting it.


And then episode 4 decides to give the audience some heavy exposition for a large chunk of the chapter.

Shail reminds Jack of the story of how all the dragons and unicorns were exterminated on the night that the serpents invaded Idhun. He states the Oracles foresaw the return of the serpents, and with them, the arrival of a new dark age in Idhun. They also foretold that just one dragon and one unicorn would be able to stop Ashran, which is why he tried killing them all. Shail remembers one night when he saw a serpent and saw all the unicorns on the floor dead.

One remained

But one unicorn remained — a young female — he called her Lunnaris, which means “The Bearer of Magic”. They also had a baby dragon remaining. The magicians sent them to a safe place on earth but they couldn’t get through the interdimensional gate to bring them back to Idhun.


Shail explains the challenge of trying to save Aslan. Jack wants to try out one of the legendary swords so he can help in their fight to save their friend. Jack picks up a powerful sword and Shail thinks it’s important. Shail also activates an automat that fights like a knight. Jack fights it with his sword and destroys it. Shail tells Jack to control his emotions with the sword or it will control him. Meanwhile, Victoria is trying to learn how to use the staff but Shail thinks it’s too dangerous and wants her to stay behind and find Lunnaris. She wants to fight for people she cares about.

The ending

Shail gives Victoria and Jack a pep talk; the time has come for the rescue plan. Meanwhile, Kirtash tells Elrion that the necromancy spell can’t be pulled off by anyone. Alsan has transformed into some kind of werewolf. He’s thrown into a cell and he’s struggling with the beast inside him. When Shail, Jack, and Victoria arrive, they are immediately met by serpents to fight. On the way into the castle, Shail turns Jack into a serpent so he can infiltrate. Jack ends up fighting Kartish and returns back to his original form.

The Idhun Chronicles season 1, episode 4 is not a good episode — it seems to think that giving the viewers heavy exposition in the penultimate chapter is a good idea in a mini anime series.

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