The Barrier season 1, episode 3 recap – what happened in “The Lost Children”?

October 3, 2020
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Episode 3 continues to world-build as the characters slowly uncover secrets and become even more desperate.

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Episode 3 continues to world-build as the characters slowly uncover secrets and become even more desperate.

This recap of Netflix’s The Barrier season 1, episode 3, “The Lost Children” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Episode 3 begins with Julia warning the homeless to run as drones and the security bureau go after them with guns. Julia and a couple of homeless people are caught. The two homeless people are shot dead, leaving Julia on her own. Hugo turns up and tells them she is his wife and works for the health minister. The officer tells them both to be more careful next time.

Looks like Julia pretending to be Sara truly has its perks.

A tragic time

The tragedy settles in for Julia as she learns the dreadful news…

On the way back home, Hugo tells Julia that Carlos is dead and he has to comfort her as she sobs in his arms. In the news, they are calling Carlos a terrorist. This is a tragic time for the family. Block Chief Begoña comes to their house and asks where Julia is and suggests that she turns herself in.

Begoña continues to be a pain in the a*s.

I’m about to make history

Alma believes she’s about to embark on something important that will be remembered in history. The next morning, Julia tells Hugo that she doesn’t think this is going to work and that she will continue to put them in danger; Hugo says they will continue working until they get back Marta.

Nearly fired

Episode 3 shows Julia and Hugo treading on fine lines as they struggle to work for the health minister.

In the facility, the doctors and nurses are alerted that a child named Felipe is not waking up as they hand out injections. Meanwhile, Hugo and Sara serve Luis and Alma. Luis asks for Hugo’s help as he recognises that he’s an engineer. At the table, Ivan starts talking about the terrorist Carlos which irritates Julia — she scolds Ivan with a hot drink in anger but makes it look like an accident. They are nearly fired. It’s revealed in the next scene that Carlos is in fact alive and being tortured. They keep asking Carlos about the whereabouts of his girlfriend.


Alex is on a mission himself in The Barrier season 1, episode 3…

Alex is given a work permit for his brother. He has an idea to get back his niece. He asks the woman who handles the paperwork to help with his niece. When he gets more paperwork he expects his niece back immediately but they tell him to expect a letter from the government. Alex is frustrated and tells the woman helping him to leave him alone.

The nurse who has taken a “liking to him” asks him to follow her — she’s blatantly not trustworthy. They smoke a cigarette together and the nurse tells him that he needs to calm down and that his daughter is in good hands. She hands him a flyer which says “Join us”. The nurse asks him to meet him later.

Working on a car

Luis shows Hugo his car and asks if he can get it to work. While working on the car, one of the security guards threatens him but Hugo turns on him and threatens him back.

A bedtime story

Episode 3 shows the true nature of what Alma is trying to achieve and how it crosses the line.

Alma receives some results and she’s excited. The doctor tells her that it’s still dangerous but she wants to proceed. He then shows her what he classes as special children. Alma talks about saving millions and then goes to hug the children and read them a story — it’s a story about children saving lots of people. As she finishes her story, the children all randomly fall asleep, leaving their yogurts unfinished — they were clearly laced with something. They start taking their blood.

Location of Marta

Julia walks through a park with a young boy named Sergio. He gives her a necklace that belongs to Marta. He shows her a bin nearby and points out that’s where she is. Julia shows Hugo the clothes and the necklace of Marta. She explains that Alma is the director of the facility she’s in.

The ending

Alex meets the nurse in her apartment and she looks strikingly different out of her work attire. Alex is immediately stunned by her — the series purposefully angles in on her legs as she wears a long-sleeved work shirt. She starts playing music and dancing. The pair kiss and this turns into a booty call. Afterward, Alex tells her he is really happy that they see “eye to eye”. She pulls a gun out of him and denies seeing “eye to eye”. Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door. It’s Emilia and Alex begs her not to kill her as he answers the door. Emilia asks him to leave and then shoots the nurse point-blank in the chest to kill her.

That was the shortest relationship in history.

Hugo drives the car that he’s fixed; Julia shows her the building his daughter is in. They both enter the facility and snoop around. Julia finds a dead body on a metal table — Hugo takes off the cover to see who the dead body is.

The Barrier season 1, episode 3 continues to world-build as the characters slowly uncover secrets and become even more desperate.

Additional points
  • Emilia asks Alex where he got the flyer from and has a pop at him. She insists that he shouldn’t be bringing flyers like this back to the house.
  • Ivan admits that he was at the club when the Commander was murdered. His mother tells him she deserves his father’s punishments but later tells Luis to give their son a chance.

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