Who is Hannah Grose in The Haunting of Bly Manor?

October 9, 2020
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This article “Who is Hannah Grose in The Haunting of Bly Manor” contains minor spoilers. There’s also a major spoiler near the end of the article — warning. 

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As well as an au pair and a chef at Bly Manor, there’s also another staff member. Each character seems to represent something in the Netflix series but this one has a rather peculiar story that takes a while to unravel. So who is Hannah Grose in The Haunting of Bly Manor?

What does she do in Bly Manor?

She’s the housekeeper. Hannah Grose (played by T’Nia Miller) is one of the first staff members that Dani meets when she arrives on the estate. The children take a liking to her and she seems to be part of the furniture.

What is she like?

Hannah is a bit of an enigma at the start of the series — she always seems dazed and not there. From an audience perspective, when you first see her you do wonder if she will become important.

She is the one person in the house though who will talk sense in any situation, which Dani finds rather useful.

What’s her past?

Her past is relatively unknown, which is again strange. The Netflix series does well to keep its cards close to its chest on this character. Despite being interesting, there’s very little you know about her.

— warning: major spoilers ahead —

What’s her ultimate secret? (major spoiler)

Near the end of the Netflix series, we learn that Hannah Grose is indeed dead but the other characters can see her. She’s managed to fit into the manor gracefully and carry out her duties despite the fact that she’s a ghost. Her actual body is at the bottom of the well on the Bly Manor estate.

How do we learn that she’s a ghost?

The Netflix series provides us with a character-centric episode on Hannah where she keeps hopping between dreams and memories and struggling to keep in one moment. Although it’s not confirmed that she’s dead in this episode, it’s obvious that she’s not exactly alive.

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