Helstrom season 1, episode 1 recap – the premiere chapter explained

October 16, 2020
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Helstrom season 1, episode 1 is a satisfactory opening to the series that seems to enjoy that the siblings are at opposite ends of the spectrum as it slowly builds a story that involves a growing evil in the world.

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Helstrom season 1, episode 1 is a satisfactory opening to the series that seems to enjoy that the siblings are at opposite ends of the spectrum as it slowly builds a story that involves a growing evil in the world.

This recap of Hulu’s Helstrom season 1, episode 1, “Mother’s Little Helpers” contains significant spoilers.

We will be recapping every episode — check out the archive.

The opening

The premiere begins in Portland, Oregon — there’s thunder and lightning descending on a building and a woman named Dr. Louise Hastings is tapping away at a computer. She suddenly hears a creak as the door to her office opens and her keyboard types on. It turns out to be a mental facility — she finds one of the security guards have been killed and she requests that the facility be locked down. There’s a real fear in her eyes as this opens up the story — brutal violence.

A fake haunting

We then move to Salem, Oregon. Daimon Helstrom heads to a house that is apparently haunted — nun-in-practice Gabrielle requested his presence. Daimon heads upstairs in the house. He sees a young boy under a bed that is talking in Latin. He throws holy water over the boy and he seems to be in pain. Suddenly, the boy acts normal and asks Daimon what happened. Daimon reveals that the water wasn’t really holy. He tells the boy to go downstairs and apologize to his parents for faking a haunting. The boy tries to punch Daimon but he hits an energy barrier and a fire circle around them both.

On the way, Gabriella tells Daimon that he needs to stop being insensitive to family issues. Episode 1 shows how arrogant and off-the-cuff Daimon can be, and he clearly does not agree with Gabriella’s research. This makes for an interesting dynamic moving forward.

Ana deals with a thief

The series then flits to Ana Helstrom who is at an auction. She is auctioning a historic sword and she has an eye on a bidder — number 42. She hangs out with the bidder afterward. Ana tells him that weapons of war interest her — she asks him to think of the sword he bid on and the lives it took which brings a sinister conversation. Ana then whispers in his ear and says she knows his secret and calls him a thief. She touches him and she sees visions of him killing women and taking out “their lights”. Ana declares herself as a thief as well and uses her powers on his heart and then throws him off the top of a roof.

Ana is also off-the-cuff but so far, in a completely opposite way. She also seems to have a sense of humor while her brother is definitely drier.

A violent tomb

And then episode 1 flits to a man walking in a crypt. He finds a tomb — the other two men with him are nervous as he asks them to open it with him. The grave takes hold of him and crushes his body to a pulp. The other two men say, “This is why we were chosen”.

I cannot go toe to toe with her

Daimon is delivering a lecture about fear to a theatre of students. Louise shows up at the lecture and it throws him off a little. He tells her about Gabriella and how she cannot see what true hauntings are and that she doesn’t understand what they are really dealing with. Louise tells Daimon that two patients escaped the facility. Louise asks Daimon to deal with it as she can’t go “toe to toe” with her.

She’s talking about his mother.

Meeting mom

Helstrom season 1, episode 1 presents the true evil that lurks within Victoria Helstrom — the mother of Ana and Daimon.

Louise, Gabriella, and Daimon look at the CCTV. Gabriella gets a sense of who they are dealing with and wants to alert the Vatican but Daimon insists that it’s only him that can go in. He enters one of the rooms and says, “Mom”. He tries to get through to her but she isn’t responding. Daimon changes tact and talks about when he was younger and a time when she rescued him. Victoria Helstrom talks to Daimon as if he was her son but then suddenly her voice changes — it’s no longer her but the evil inside her. Daimon asks what the symbols mean and what it meant to the nurse.

Visiting the crypt

Ana heads to the same crypt where the incident happened. When she enters the tomb, a man shows her the tomb and the blood and gore of the victims on the floor. She checks out the tomb while quipping jokes. Ana and the man wonder if this is a regeneration. When Ana tries to use her powers to get a feeling of the place she cannot sense anything but then she feels something as she looks at the skull. She grabs the skull and walks off.

Ana does this so casually that it was almost a ludicrously funny scene.

We need Gabriella

As we can guess right now, Daimon does not have time for Gabriella but Louise has different ideas.

Daimon briefs Louise and Gabriella about what happened with his mother. Gabriella offers to be an impartial investigator and speak to Victoria on her own but Daimon is strongly against the idea. When Gabriella walks off, Louise tells Daimon that they need her help and she is very qualified. Daimon reveals that the only person who can help with his mother is his sister Ana but the problem is, she only cares about herself. Flashbacks show how the siblings have a traumatic past.

It’s a dodgy skull

Ana touches the skull from the tomb again and tries to feel something — an eyeball appears which makes her jump and then blood appears at the top of the skull.

What’s really happening

Episode 1 has a lot of context and explanation behind the origin of the Helstrom family and it feeds more information to the viewer via Gabriella who is eager to uncover the truth.

Gabriella tells Louise that the Vatican is concerned that the facility has Daimon conducting exorcisms when he isn’t a priest — she wants to know what’s really going on. Louise offers her information to take back to the Vatican. Gabriella reads the report on Victoria and the family and she sees the violence caused by her. Louise tells Gabriella that Victoria is cursed and that Ana and Daimon do not get along; she states that they live with the fact that evil sits inside their mother every day.

Taking a chance

Well, Gabriella bites off more than she can chew in episode 1.

Gabriella asks why Daimon’s gift doesn’t work on his mother but it’s a mystery. Suddenly, Louise coughs up blood. While she sorts herself out, Gabriella steals her pass and heads to Victoria’s room. The evil inside of Gabriella pimp slaps Victoria to the floor and she tells her that she’s made a mistake. Gabriella tries to start an exorcism but it doesn’t work. Victoria talks about how they lost a war long ago and she continues torturing Gabriella. Daimon enters the room and as Victoria tries strangling her son, she hesitates. When he touches her face the evil inside Victoria claims that he’s hurting her. Victoria returns to consciousness and tells them all to run.

The ending

Louise, Gabriella, and Daimon have a drink in the office after. Gabriella is in shock because she’s never seen an evil like that before.

As the episode draws nearer an end, Ana visits Daimon and says “Please tell me the b*tch is dead”. The episode ends with a lorry driver noticing his vehicle is open. There’s someone on the passenger seat and they attack him.

Helstrom season 1, episode 1 is a satisfactory opening to the series that seems to enjoy that the siblings are at opposite ends of the spectrum as it slowly builds a story that involves a growing evil in the world.

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