Helstrom season 1, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 16, 2020 (Last updated: last month)
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Helstrom Season 1 Recap
Helstrom Season 1 Image - Credit to Hulu


Episode 10 is an action-filled ending but by the time it gets to answers, the story has tried to fill the audience with too much exposition.

This recap of Hulu’s Helstrom season 1, episode 10, “Hell Storm” — the ending explained — contains significant spoilers.

We will be recapping every episode — check out the archive.

The opening

The finale begins twenty years ago. Daimon is feeling lonely and ponders jumping off a bridge. Memories run through his head as he leans over the edge. When he jumps a strange force makes him levitate. And he ironically lands in the water with a little splash.

Louise’s sacrifice

Daimon is presumed dead in the present day and the facility wants to take him to the morgue. As for Gabriella, Victoria and Louise save her from the priest. Another demon walks in and Caretaker stabs him straight in the chest. As the Caretaker is about to be impaled by a fireplace stoker, Louise gets in the way. She ends up in the ambulance and Caretaker is struggling to hold back the tears.

The finale brings a burst of energy from the start.

“He’s dead”

When Ana and Victoria return to the facility, they are told Daimon is dead in the morgue. Meanwhile, Gabriella goes to a church and asks the priest to call someone for her. Ana goes to the morgue and realises it’s not Daimon. The actual Daimon is meeting up with his demon friends.

Can I exorcise this baby?

Throughout the series, we have witnessed Gabriella practice her faith but also toe the line. The finale sees her lurch into a new world that was unimaginable to her at the start of the story; her character development has been the most interesting.

Gabriella meets up with “The Blood” and asks if there’s any way to stop this evil from coming into this world and wonders if she can survive it. Ester tells her she has no chance. She suggests that they can keep the baby contained in a coma and Gabriella is upset at the idea. Ester explains that evil always exists in some form and that they cannot kill the baby.

Handing herself over

As Gabriella says her prayers, Daimon shows up and the demon inside of him tells her that Daimon is dead. The demons show up with him and then “The Blood” face them. Gabriella hands herself over to demons in order to save “The Blood”.

You need fire

Meanwhile, Ana and the group talk about forming the blade back together; Chris tells them they need fire to weld it back together — Ana’s fire. Chris is now “The Keeper” since he has a strong association with the skull so he senses things. Victoria offers to take the pain as Ana fixes the blade.

We will win this war

The demon inside Daimon tells Gabriella that his kind is ready to win this war once and for all and that they will thank her. They take her to a place of refuge to prepare for the pregnancy.

Bringing back the blade

Episode 10 gives a painful moment for Ana and Victoria but perhaps it was needed — maybe it was good for both characters to share the same trauma of their past, together.

Ana starts trying to use her fire to weld the blade which is giving her painful memories. Her mother holds her hands to share the pain together as their family history flashes before them. As both women collapse, it works — the blade is fully formed. Ana cheekily says “Let’s never do that again”.

Labor pains

Gabriella tells Daimon that they were robbed of a moment together. The demon inside him says no-one is going to save her and that she’s alone here. Gabriella tells the demon that he has no appreciation of what love and life means. She starts to get labour pains and asks Daimon to wake up.

Siblings fight again

We’ve seen plenty of fights between brother and sister and the finale gives one last bout for good measure.

Ana and Chris look for Gabriella and Daimon. Gabriella is struggling with the labor pains. The demons give her breathing advice. Ana finds Daimon and the fighting begins. Gabriella starts speaking in prayers whilst the pains increase. Ana drops the blade and Daimon has it. Ana asks her brother to fight it but he stabs her with the blade. Gabriella starts pushing out the baby.

The baby is born

Episode 10 sees the ultimate downfall for the nun-in-practice — traumatised and disenfranchised with her faith after what she has gone through.

Chris holds Daimon still and Ana picks up the blade which is full of flames. She stabs her brother right in the back and rips the evil out of him. Ana tells Daimon to wake up and asks Chris for the blade but he tells her it is too late, Cathara is born.

Daimon finds Gabriella and stops the demons. Gabriella is despondent and she’s mumbling to herself.

Louise survives

Meanwhile, Louise struggled to hold on in hospital but she slowly recovers. Caretaker doesn’t leave her side. She’s had loads of surgery, including cutting out her cancerous lung.

It’s my responsibility now

Ana and Chris look at the baby that is squirming in its cot. Chris feels responsible for this baby; he’s “The Keeper”. He can keep the new Mother from harming others. He asks for the blade.

Ignorant or evil?

And then Gabriella’s story reaches its natural course as she ventures to a different kind of life…

Daimon tells Gabriella in the hospital that the baby may have a chance of a normal life. Gabriella tells Daimon that the baby is not a “her”, it’s a monster and that it needs to die. She tells Daimon that she deserves this as she sinned and was seduced by temptation (referring to their moments together). She hurts Daimon by saying she cannot trust “his kind” — she calls him ignorant or evil and regrets the day she joined the religious facility. Afterwards, Daimon heads to the same bridge he tried to kill himself on. This will truly impact him as he had feelings for Gabriella who will now truly lose her way.

A new chapter?

Ana joins Daimon near the bridge to be there for him as he’s struggling. He thanks his sister for saving him. Ana reminds him that they are family. The siblings share a moment and declare their love for each other. The next few scenes show the Helstrom’s having a fairly normal family life again. Louise returns home with Caretaker in better health. The only elephant in the room is Gabriella who has left the facility and the baby that they are all looking after.

During a meal, Victoria gives a toast for togetherness and her amazing children. Meanwhile, Gabriella is drinking whiskey chasers with one of the demons and Ester.

The ending

And in true style, the finale gives a Creation story to the audience that we are all familiar with.

The finale moves to one month later. Chris is out with a young girl and he suddenly feels something. He looks behind him and sees a bald man that calls him “The Keeper”. Chris calls the girl with him Cathara. The bald man asks her to remember her real name and she says “Lily”. The bald man asks Lily if she can remember his name — she says “Papa”. Chris doesn’t want to let her go and states that he has been touched by their bloodline so he cannot touch him. Suddenly, the bald man starts killing people around him so Chris lets her go.

Helstrom season 1, episode 10 is an action-filled ending but by the time it gets to answers, the story has tried to fill the audience with too much exposition. Hopefully, if there is a season 2, the story has more patient writing in mind.

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