Helstrom season 1, episode 2 recap – what happened in “Viaticum”?

October 16, 2020 (Last updated: 1 weeks ago)
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Episode 2 digs into the past of Ana and Daimon as they are reunited. The story hints of a great evil that lurks that will evidently set the tone for the rest of the series.

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Episode 2 digs into the past of Ana and Daimon as they are reunited. The story hints of a great evil that lurks that will evidently set the tone for the rest of the series.

This recap of Hulu’s Helstrom season 1, episode 2, “Viaticum” contains significant spoilers.

We will be recapping every episode — check out the archive.

The opening

Episode 2 starts with 20 years ago. Ana is in the back of a car while a body is getting dragged into the woods (presumably it’s her father doing the dragging). In the present day, she meets Daimon in a diner and the siblings catch up. Daimon tells Ana that the “Thing” holding their mother is getting worse and wants to work with Ana to solve it. Ana believes it is risky for her to use her powers as it could kill her. Daimon reminds her that they are related and that he’s been looking after their mother for years. Ana wants one on one time with their mother; Daimon reluctantly agrees.

There’s plenty missing in this sibling relationship — they haven’t connected properly in years and it can be felt in this scene. Episode 2 suggests that they had completely different childhoods.

Meeting mom after 20 years

Ana heads to the facility and Louise is not happy about her being there — the tension is obvious and Louise insists she is going in the room with her. When Ana enters the room, her mother isn’t initially responsive — she sarcastically states she thought her mother would be happy to see her. Louise tells her that Daimon brings up childhood memories so Ana slaps her and when Victoria throws them both to the wall she says, “There’s the mother I know”.

So far, Anna is arrogant and off-cuff and she’s a more interesting character than Daimon so far.

Siblings rivalry

Episode 2 sees how much love has been lost between both siblings as they get into a heated argument.

Daimon confronts Ana and is furious at her for what she did — he wonders how she still hasn’t got any compassion or empathy. The siblings argue and objects start shaking around the facility so Louise gets their attention and reminds them of the rules. Gabriella tells Daimon that there is a man dying and they need to go.

Passed from home to home

During the drive to their location — Daimon explains how Ana went from been institutionalized to foster care; she went home to home. Ana wonders where they get their powers from — Daimon explains that it’s from their father who is much worse than their mother. Ana explains how she was once tasked with tackling human trafficking and she feels she’s seen the worst that humankind has to offer — there’s an irony in Gabriella’s words as we know she’s going to be seeing much worse.

What skull?

Ana’s assistant Chris can hear noises coming from the skull and is consumed by it — that is until he’s distracted by the caretaker. The caretaker wants to know where Ana is and then makes the assumption that she went to Portland, Oregon. He also asks about the skull but Chris denies all knowledge. When the caretaker leaves, Chris looks at the skull again and he strokes it. He then presses the skull’s teeth into his wrist and he bleeds — he seems to be possessed by it.

Let the survivor pass peacefully

Daimon and Gabriella reach the location. There’s been an incident with a car. The man on site says the survivor shouldn’t be alive and wants them to free his soul before he passes. Daimon and Gabriella check out the man who has been crushed in the car accident. The only thing keeping the man alive is the evil inside him. Daimon states that the evil wants to steal the man’s soul. The possessed man talks to Daimon about his sister and promising new recruits.

Seeing mother again

Episode 2 continues to show Ana’s less compassionate approach to her mother which is a stark difference from how Daimon handles the situation.

Ana wants to see her mother again and Louise reminds her that her mother was a victim and that she’s been fighting for years. Ana tells Louise that she’s damaged goods and makes a veiled threat — she seems to know something that Louise does not want Daimon to know.

Ana sees her mother again and taunts her. She asks Victoria to hit her. As Ana starts talking about a candid childhood memory, Louise has to step out due to coughing too much. Suddenly, the evil inside Victoria talks to Ana and mocks her for being a selfish child. Ana warns the evil inside Victoria that she isn’t as gentle as Daimon and tries to use her powers but it doesn’t work. Ana ends up hurt and collapses on the floor.

“They are coming”

Episode 2 continues this notion that there is an evil lurking and bubbling under the story that Daimon and Ana will need to tackle eventually.

Back to the possessed man; Gabriella tries to speak to the crushed man in the car, relaying sermons to him; the man begins crying and starts talking about his family; he declares his love for them. The evil returns and tells them that, “They are coming and they are getting consumed’. Daimon uses his power to remove the evil and the man finally dies.

The ending

As for Ana, Victoria is stroking her hair which appears very sinister considering the situation. There’s a somberness running through the veins of this chapter as both siblings appear to be at a pivotal moment in their life. Daimon tells Gabriella that not everybody gets closure in life. Ana wakes up and asks the evil what she set free in the crypt — the evil claims they didn’t set anything free but was trying to “kill it”. Ana experiences a flashback and his father gives her jewelry at the back of the car after he dragged a body into the woods. In the present, the evil inside Victoria says, “He will be so proud of what you become”. These words hit Ana hard as she walks off looking slightly upset, showing vulnerability for the first time.

Helstrom season 1, episode 2 digs into the past of Ana and Daimon as they are reunited. The story hints of a great evil that lurks that will evidently set the tone for the rest of the series. So far, the story is a little convoluted as it finds its feet but the selling point is the characters who are slowly but surely bedding in.

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