Helstrom season 1, episode 3 recap – what happened in “The One Who Got Away”?

October 16, 2020 (Last updated: 6 days ago)
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Episode 3 slowly gives the siblings a unifying objective as their past becomes clearer.

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Episode 3 slowly gives the siblings a unifying objective as their past becomes clearer.

This recap of Hulu’s Helstrom season 1, episode 3, “The One Who Got Away” contains significant spoilers.

We will be recapping every episode — check out the archive.

The opening

Episode 3 opens with a floor of dead bodies. A man runs away from a hooded person who attacks them. Bryce tells the hooded person that Helstrom is a traitor and the hooded person asks for “the woman” to be brought to him — presumably Ana. The series is enjoying its vagueness so far.

Ana wakes up and from a bad dream where she was choking and liquid is coming out of her mouth. Daimon rings her and says their mother is back and she is the most lucid in years. Ana does not seem to be that bothered but Daimon believes Ana has a positive effect on her.

Episode 3 slowly gives the siblings a unified purpose as the chapter progresses.

Do not let pride get in the way

Caretaker finds Ana at a hotel as he doesn’t want to be left in the dark. Ana talks about her father and how he has returned. She wants to track him down and kill him. Caretaker reminds her that her father is powerful and that it’s too dangerous and that she shouldn’t let pride get in her way.

Father is back

Ana and Daimon meet Victoria and she warns them both about their father and gets very emotional. The evil then returns and grabs Victoria’s arm. Ana then tells Daimon that their father is back but he doesn’t believe it as he’s dead. Louise feels it could be worth looking into it.

All of a sudden, Daimon is now the cynical one of the two — the dynamic has changed quickly.

Let me handle it

Caretaker visits Louise and says that they have a problem. He wants to take care of Victoria but Louise states that Daimon has conservatorship over her and she believes in a holistic approach.

Visiting Miss Richards

Gabriella, Ana and Daimon visit Zoe Richards to see if they can ask questions about the violence she experienced by the sibling’s father. At first, she’s reluctant and closes the door but then she changes her mind. Meanwhile, Bryce is watching them.

Ana has a hunch

Helstrom season 1, episode 3 definitely delves more into Ana’s vulnerabilities — the first two chapters keep the character at bay but it’s clear her past is catching up to her in the story.

Miss Richards tells them her story; how a young girl was looking for her father — conveniently, Ana walks off and heads upstairs at this stage of the story. Daimon asks what she is doing and Ana claims there’s someone else in the house and that something is not right with Zoe. The siblings argue upstairs as Zoe continues to tell her story to Gabriella.

Ana asks Zoe if someone else is in the house and accuses her of lying; she grabs Zoe’s arm and tries to use her powers but the woman kicks them all out. Ana tells them that she knows Zoe’s story isn’t true because she was there that night and her father burned that girl alive.

What is Louise taking?

At the facility, there’s been a breach with one of the patients and Caretaker has to handle them. Louise drops her medication and the Caretaker gives her a concerning look when he sees what it is.

Louise tells Caretaker that the patient who broke out is never violent — Caretaker explains it is Victoria’s doing and that they need to work together — he asks her if she has cancer and she confirms it is the lung. Caretaker cares about Louise and wonders why she isn’t getting chemotherapy.

She wants to prove me wrong

Gabriella is starting to prove her worth as she gives Daimon a new perspective regarding his sister.

Gabriella tells Daimon that it’s not his fault what happened to Ana. Daimon explains that all they do is fight — Gabriella believes all she needs is empathy — Daimon thinks that his sister wants to prove him wrong and then he realises his sister will be going back to the house.

The real Zoe

Ana goes rogue in episode 3 which isn’t surprising at this point.

Ana goes out to a nightclub and sees Zoe. Meanwhile, Gabriella and Daimon head to Zoe’s house believing that Ana will be there but no-one is at home. Gabriella heads to the basement and she sees a woman pouring fuel all over the floor — the woman is scarred and disfigured and she claims she is Zoe and asks where Aubrey is. So it’s clear now that Ana is actually following Aubrey in the club, not Zoe.

The ending

Ana chases after Aubrey outside the club. Meanwhile, Zoe states that Ana knew what her father would do to her. Zoe sets the basement on fire — she wants to die. Gabriella does not want to leave her so they escape.

Zoe tells them that Aubrey will not be alone with Ana. Meanwhile, Aubrey tells Ana that she’s going to get revenge for Zoe. Suddenly, she’s attacked by a hooded man and Ana says “It’s you”. The pair fight but Ana is overpowered. The hooded man then attacks Aubrey so Ana flees away from the scene. Daimon finds Ana and she’s shaken — she tells him that her father was “different and stronger”. The siblings finally agree on something — their father is back.

Louise tells Caretaker that Gabriela is capable but Caretaker doesn’t want her to give up; he wants to help her as their job is not done — “The last thing the world needs is a Helstrom family reunion”.

Helstrom season 1, episode 3 slowly gives the siblings a unifying objective as their past becomes clearer. This chapter has a firmer grip on the story, establishing objectives and the characters truly feel well placed in the narrative now.

Additional points
  • Ana tells Gabriella that she’s way too pretty to be a nun. She asks if she’s into men or women. Gabriella says she partied and had fun but it wasn’t fulfilling for her.

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