Helstrom season 1, episode 5 recap – what happened in “Committed”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 16, 2020 (Last updated: last month)
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Helstrom Season 1 Recap
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Episode 5 is a strong middle chapter — it delves into Victoria’s mind and peels away more truths.

This recap of Hulu’s Helstrom season 1, episode 5, “Committed” contains significant spoilers.

We will be recapping every episode — check out the archive.

The opening

Episode 5 starts in Victoria’s mind; she is aggressively scribbling in a diary; she talks about how “she” is coming back and it will not be the same as last time. A young Daimon enters the room and tells her she has to come down and eat. Daimon tells her that Ana is not coming back and Victoria gets angry. There’s a knock on the door and the behavioural health department take Victoria away. Victoria replays this moment in her head over and over again.

“Committed” demonstrates Victoria’s mind and the love she has for her children. We learn more about this character in this chapter.

The evil thing inside of him

Bryce speaks to Daimon as he’s been having a hard time since the evil was removed from him. He reveals that his brothers are dead and he remembers all of it. Daimon assures him that it wasn’t his fault. He wants to refer Bryce to a doctor to help him but he gets defensive and walks out. Daimon asks Gabriella to help Bryce with his recovery.

This scene demonstrates how Daimon is good at his job but when it comes to the mental health side effects, he remains uncomfortable. He’s more similar to his sister than he thinks.

This time Ana was there

Louise checks up on Victoria and she’s on the floor digging into the ground. In her mind, she’s replaying the scene where she has dinner with young Daimon. This time, when she opens the door Ana is there.

Victoria is in a coma

In the present day, Daimon tells Ana about their mother and how she’s in a coma. Ana tries to use her powers to see why and she feels something — she feels the skull. Daimon believes Chris Yen is here. The scene flits back to Victoria’s mind and she’s comforting a young Ana — she asks how she got away from her father. The young Daimon wants the facts as well — Ana sees a figure in the window and screams, “He’s coming”.

The tunnels

Daimon, Ana, Louise and Caretaker talk about what the skull wants. Caretaker believes the closer the skull is to their mother, the worst it will get for her. Louise shows a small hole in Victoria’s room on the floor. Caretaker, Daimon and Ana head to the tunnels underneath the facility.

Help me to help others

The side plot in episode 5 is equally as interesting as Gabriella gets to work on Bryce — “Committed” demonstrates the character’s compassion for others and how she genuinely wants to help.

Gabriella speaks to Bryce and reveals she’s a nun-in-training. Bryce is initially not interested and tells her to leave him alone. Gabriella tells Bryce that the demon who possessed him is still out there and she wants his help so that they can help others.

A disturbance

Episode 5 heads back inside Victoria’s mind. She tries to explain what thunder is but young Daimon gives the scientific reason and highlights the truth is more important. Daimon wants to check the circuits to bring the lights back on. Someone is trying to get in the house. The windows suddenly smash. Young Daimon is now missing and Victoria is worried. When the front door opens, Victoria says, “It’s you”.

There’s a woman (Cathara) in front of her and she says they need to help each other from the one thing that did this to both of them “your husband”. Cathara explains that they are both prisoners and they need to survive in order to go back to their children.

Your worst day, over and over again

Bryce tells Gabriella that you learn about demons in film & television but you never expect to meet one. He starts getting upset as Gabriella presses him. Bryce says it was like waking up on your worst day over and over again.

This scene shows how quickly Gabriella has progressed since the first episode; she’s gone from a traditional believer to talking to campus students about demons and what they can do.

There’s another way

In the tunnels, Ana walks ahead. Caretaker tells Daimon that there is a better way of dealing with Victoria (he’s referencing “The Blood”). Daimon is not impressed by what Caretaker is suggesting.

As we know from previous chapters, Caretaker does not trust the Helstrom’s.

Chris is protective over the skull

Ana finds Chris with the skull and he’s in a bad place. She tries talking to him in a soft voice. Chris asks her to stay away. Daimon finds them but Ana wants to deal with it. She tells Chris that her father is back and the only thing that can stop him is the skull — she offers him a night in the town for drinks and oysters. Chris says that the skull needs him.

Daimon wants to get involved but Ana doesn’t want Chris to get hurt. Ana asks Daimon why he cannot let their mother go. Daimon says it was his fault that his mother was committed.

This random outburst from Daimon is a deep truth in Episode 5 — the reason for his overprotectiveness over their mother is because he feels guilty.

The evil inside her is getting weaker

Episode 5 sees Victoria navigate and find a way out of the mess she is in — her health is deteriorating but there’s a significant reason for this.

In her mind, Victoria heads into the cellar and she sees a young Daimon on the floor badly hurt. Cathara tells her that what she is seeing isn’t real. Victoria figures out that the Cathara, who is inside of her, is weak and frightened. She throws the woman against the wall and heads upstairs. A bald one-eyed man walks down the stairs and the woman screams.

The ending

Victoria goes into cardiac arrest while she’s trapped in her mind. Chris infiltrates the faculty with the skull but Daimon and Ana throw him against the wall. Daimon tries to use his powers on the skull to save his mother. Suddenly Victoria wakes up and tells Daimon to stop.

Victoria tells Daimon and Ana about Cathara and how the evil woman inside of her is terrified of the skull. She tells her children that they both grown so tall but Ana walks off, unable to take the reunion. Meanwhile, Chris Yen is locked in a cell going crazy. Ana is annoyed that she’s temporarily lost her best friend to this for her mother.

Daimon tells Gabriella that his mother is back and he believes this is a start. Gabriella shows Daimon “The Blood”. There’s been an attack and everyone is dead. Gabriella feels guilty for not telling Daimon sooner because now it’s too late.

Helstrom season 1, episode 5 is a strong middle chapter — it delves into Victoria’s mind and peels away more truths.

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