Helstrom season 1, episode 6 recap – what happened in “Leviathan”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 16, 2020 (Last updated: last month)
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Helstrom Season 1 Recap
Helstrom Season 1 Image - Credit to Hulu


Episode 6 was the most action-packed chapter so far and that can only be a good thing — there’s plenty of twists and turns to ponder at this stage.

This recap of Hulu’s Helstrom season 1, episode 6, “Leviathan” contains significant spoilers.

We will be recapping every episode — check out the archive.

The opening

The opening of episode 6 sees a mother asking her children to hide. She seems anxious. The Helstrom father appears and he’s looking through the woman’s drawers. She gets upset, wondering what is going on. The man attacks her brutally and then leaves the house. When he heads outside, he gets into a car with a priest.

Episode 6 is intriguing, mostly because we can see the evil growing as each chapter progresses.

It’s okay to feel for your mother

Ana eats with Chris Yen in his cell. She asks what the demon was saying to him when he was going crazy. Chris doesn’t remember anything and could only feel what it wanted. On the topic of the Helstrom mother, Chris tells Ana that it’s okay to miss her mother. Ana doesn’t enjoy the lecture.

Ana then learns that Chris still yearns for the skull so leaves him in his cell as he goes crazy.

That skull is powerful.

Gabriella is feeling solemn about the situation

Daimon is angry at the discovery of “The Blood”. He tells Gabriella that she did the right thing letting him know. Daimon isn’t sure if his father did this because it would have been more chaos. The pair walk around the corridors and see the violence that occurred.

Daimon and Gabriella appear to have an understanding with each other now which is a stark contrast to the start of the series.

Wilfully ignorant or stupid?

Louise tells Ana to not take the time with her mother for granted. Ana visits Victoria — she still has the skull. Ana gets impatient with the small talk and asks Victoria if she knew if her father was a serial killer. Victoria claims she had no idea so Ana asks if she was willfully ignorant or stupid. Victoria asks Ana if she has ever fallen in love — she talks about how her husband got too confident and she realised that Ana’s father wore a mask.

Ana gets angry, wondering why Victoria did not stop him.

But we can conclude at this point that Ana is not a hardball that we all thought she was — she clearly loves her mother despite the unwarranted comments and sarcasm. There’s a lot of history here.

Off the road

The Hulu series likes separating the characters for some reason and we have another situation in episode 6 where it’s in two groups.

While out driving, Gabriella’s car starts breaking down. She also needs a spare tyre. They head to a garage nearby. Louise rings Daimon and gives him an update on the Victoria situation, stating that she’s giving time for Ana and her mother to bond.

At the service station, Daimon senses something — he tells Gabriella to stay in the car. He sees the engineer under the car is dead. Another man comes into the garage — he’s been sent by Daimon’s father. Outside, Gabriella is dragged away from the car but Daimon uses his powers to set the man on fire. He feels guilty for killing the man.

Ward lockdown

Ana makes Victoria aware that their father has returned. She tells her to not lose sight of what’s important if he turns up. Meanwhile, Louise sees one of the security guards dead in her office. Louise triggers the lockdown procedure. It’s then revealed that the entire facility has been locked in. They cannot escape.

The skull is stolen

Daimon rings Ana and explains that their father has planned the entire thing. At the facility, Doctor Lawrence is acting strange. He takes the skull (The Keeper). Ana is worried as the skull is the only thing that can stop her father. Ana and Louise slowly try to calm down the non-violent patients. Ana wants to face her father alone but Louise doesn’t want her to speed ahead — she apologises for not taking Ana in when she was younger and admits she was wrong.

This felt like the wrong moment for Louise to be all apologetic for Ana’s childhood — it could have been a touching scene elsewhere.

Ana ends up fighting her father’s minions but she handles them relatively quickly.

I wish I could absorb all of your pain

As for Victoria, she’s nearly attacked but Daimon arrives in time and helps her. Meanwhile, Doctor Lawrence is killed by Chris Yen who wants the skull back. Chris tells Ana that she can use the skull to stop her father but he’s reluctant to let go. Ana admits to Chris that he missed her mother. He gives her the skull.

Victoria tells her children that she wishes she could absorb their pain — she wants to end all this here and now as a family. She’s grateful for her children, especially Daimon for looking after her. Suddenly, their father walks through the door, grabs Victoria and heads into the elevator.

The ending

The group head upstairs. Ana senses that the skull is impacting her father. She fights him but loses easily. Daimon tries to fight him but he also loses easily. Daimon tells his father that he can never break the family. As the father is about to attack Daimon and kill him, Ana smashes the skull into their father’s chest. As the father suffers, Ana tells her father that she is nothing like him. He grabs her ankle and suddenly she feels something — her father laughs. Suddenly, Victoria says “I hope you said goodbye to her” and she drives off in a truck — this was clearly the evil inside her.

Daimon tells Ana that at least their father can’t hurt them anymore. Ana is upset and states that the man who they fought wasn’t their father.

Helstrom season 1, episode 6 was the most action-packed chapter so far and that can only be a good thing — there’s plenty of twists and turns to ponder at this stage.

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