Helstrom season 1, episode 7 recap – what happened in “Scars”?

October 16, 2020 (Last updated: January 27, 2023)
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Episode 7 seems a little laboured and cyclical — the whole series relies on the strength of the siblings but when it goes around in circles per episode, the story feels like it is going in circles.

This recap of Hulu’s Helstrom season 1, episode 7, “Scars” contains significant spoilers.

We will be recapping every episode — check out the archive.

The opening

The episode opens up twenty years ago with Caretaker and Louise psychologically assessing Ana. They know she has some sinister powers. Caretaker talks about how powerful children turn into powerful adults and that Ana could potentially be dangerous like her father. Louise feels she needs to go somewhere — Caretaker offers to place her in the system, and he will keep an eye on her while Louise handles Daimon.

Episode 7 gave the audience a secret — Caretaker and Louise are significant in the sibling’s childhood experiences.

You allowed the demon to manipulate you

In the present, Ana is downbeat, believing she thought the demon was her father, but Daimon is worried about their mother. Ana is adamant that their father is still out there, but Daimon would like proof now. The siblings are back to square one where they don’t see “eye to eye”. Daimon talks about how the demon manipulated her and used their father to trigger her.

Ana accuses Daimon of allowing it to get this far due to his obsession with saving their mother. Louise tries to calm them down, but Ana tells them both that she’s leaving. On the way out she gets Chris Yen.

Their trauma and life experiences are so easily triggered — it’s easy for things to fall apart.

In the trunk

Outside of the facility, Gabriella hears a strange noise coming from a car. When she opens the trunk, a woman is inside, and she’s hysterical — she claims the demon kidnapped her. Gabriella brings her inside.

Looking after their son

The demon who attacked the facility is complaining that Victoria’s body is weak. The demon states that the other body is her son and he is desperate to make sure that he’s okay.

There’s still no certainty of who this demon is.


Caretaker’s allegiances are under fire as he’s been handcuffed in his own van “The Blood”. He’s brought to a mansion. A woman named Ester welcomes him home. He’s clearly under the microscope after “The Blood” facility went under. Meanwhile, Louise meets an Archbishop and asks if they can help her find Caretaker.

“The Blood” is trying to seek out information, including finding certain weapons that impact Daimon and Ana.

Daimon, the traitor?

In the middle of the night, Daimon wakes up and sees a wheelchair moving. His mother tells him to “let it out”. It was a bad dream. Gabriella tells him to go home as he can sleep better there, but Daimon wants to talk to the possessed patient. The patient calls Daimon a traitor and asks him to join the “Right side”. The patient wants freedom. Suddenly, the patient breaks his own neck.

Episode 7 shows that whoever these demons have an allegiance to, they follow them blindly. Despite being seven episodes in, there’s still plenty to unravel.

Restless Ana

Ana and Chris arrive back home, and Chris tells her to go home and rest. He talks about how his boyfriend is suspicious about the situation and Ana flips, saying she doesn’t care about his boyfriend. She then asks Chris to help her. And then Chris brings around a client Ana is not happy with it. He’s trying to carry on as if everything is normal.

Ana is evidently not coping with recent events; she’s slowly reverting to the old her, and she’s in denial of the situation.

Team up?

Ester rings Daimon and asks if they can work together. She reckons they can find his mother. Daimon does not trust her. Ester reveals that Caretaker and Louise decided to separate the siblings. Daimon puts the phone down.

Daimon speaks to Louise about the separation. Louise tells him she has no choice, and Daimon is irked that they didn’t show Ana compassion. Louise didn’t want to jeopardize Daimon’s progress, but he dismisses her — Louise admits that Ana scares her.

This is not a great moment for Louise; however, hopefully, it will help Daimon understand his sister more; he tends to react to her rash behaviour, but there’s clearly something behind their past. The story angles that Ana was never loved.

Angry boyfriend.

Derek comes over and is angry that someone has logged into the police database and he believes it is Derek or Ana based on the IP address. Derek states he will find out what is going on eventually.

Catching up

Gabriella tries to catch up with Daimon even though he’s not in the best of moods. She tries to connect with him and talks of how, when she was younger, she had seizures and her parents thoughts she was possessed. The exorcist revealed the truth — she has epilepsy, and now she has been seizure-free for years. Gabriella explains how her parents acted out of fear, faith, and love. She tells Daimon to forgive himself and that Ana walked away, not him. Daimon tells Gabriella to walk away too, but she tells him she isn’t going anywhere.

Daimon raises how they need to work with “The Blood” to find Victoria.

This scene shows a potential romance; however, it’s not exactly certain. The series is dropping hints but keeping the audience at bay.

Chris means a lot to me too

As for Ana, she’s stalking Derek after his accusations. She tells Derek that it wasn’t Chris who hacked the police database, it was her, and she doesn’t want Chris to get into trouble. Ana reveals that Chris means everything to her as well and asks if they can hug it out. When they hug, she uses her powers. She lets go and asks Derek if he’s okay before walking off. Flashbacks of her childhood appear. Ana was about to hurt Derek but stopped before it was too late.

The ending

Ana returns to her workspace and flashbacks continue to haunt her. She opens up the box full of her father’s gifts. She remembers getting pulled out of the soil by Caretaker and then smashes the box to the ground. Chris approaches her and Ana says she “almost did it”. Chris reminds her that “almost means you didn’t because you are not him”. Ana continues to sob, and she finally admits that her family needs her.

It seems that Ana fears turning into her father and her moment with Derek was a very close moment — it appears to be in her blood, and she has to force herself not to become him.

Gabriella and Daimon meet “The Blood” to see if they can work together. Their men check them for weapons. One of them tries using a weapon that was used on Daimon when he was younger — Daimon is surprised and upset that they have it and then one of them uses a gun on him. Daimon transforms and uses his powers to burn two of the men alive. Daimon picks up the weapon, and Gabriella looks at him with shock in her eyes.

Helstrom season 1, episode 7 seems a little labored and cyclical — the whole series relies on the strength of the siblings, but when it goes around in circles per episode, the story feels like it is going in circles.

Additional points
  • Louise checks up on Gabriela to make sure she’s okay and fine to remain at the facility.
  • Chris’s boyfriend, Derek, tells Chris to get away from Ana’s whip finally.

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