Someone Has to Die episode 2 recap – “Take Aim”

October 17, 2020
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Episode 2 escalates quickly as a rumour spreads about Gabino and his friend that have shattering consequences.

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Episode 2 escalates quickly as a rumour spreads about Gabino and his friend that have shattering consequences.

This recap of Netflix series Someone Has to Die episode 2, “Take Aim” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

In the middle of the night, Lázaro raids the fridge because he cannot sleep. Mina finds him and asks what happened at the cinema with Gabino. She asks if her son was happy in Mexico — in this scene, it’s almost like they were about to kiss before she heads upstairs. The next morning, Gabino is still angry as he puts his suit on. His father tells him to apologise for what happened the night before.

Learn to love

Episode 2 sees Gabino battling with his sexuality and increasingly getting frustrated with his situation.

In the car, Mina tells Gabino that Cayetana is a good girl and that he may love her eventually. Gabino leaves the car angrily again. The pressure of family continues to irritate him. Mina meets Cayetana’s mother Bélen and explains that it was just an argument between Gabino and Cayetana. Bélen doesn’t want her daughter to waste time on someone who disrespects her.

A date

Lázaro seems painfully unaware of his friend’s internal battle as he starts to enjoy Spanish life and the women.

Mina returns home and Lázaro offers her a dance to cheer her up after a bad moment with Bélen. Cayetana visits Lázaro and she wants to go out somewhere with him, however, he doesn’t want to cause problems. Meanwhile, Gabino is out shooting with Alonso and the problems still remain.

I’ll report the commie

Mina tells Rosario that she still doesn’t have the stamp. Rosario tells her the sooner the better. Cayetana and Lázaro head to a fair and it’s a date at this point.

The grandma tells Mina that Rosario’s husband is in prison and he was a communist. She wants to report Rosario for being a communist but Mina threatens to tell her husband the truth about the “accident” if she says anything. The grandma tries to say that Gabino was too young to understand what he saw.

The rumour

Cayetana sees her friends while out with Lázaro — they tell her that Làzaro and Gabino are gay but it’s purely speculative at this point. It suddenly dawns on her why Gabino was upset. She tells her family of the rumour but Gabino insists he isn’t gay and he’s known him since childhood.

Someone Has to Die is becoming a witchhunt story where rumours gather pace with no evidence whatsoever.

Showing the detention centre

The next morning, the father tells Gabino to wake up immediately. He shows him the detention centres. He shows him an inmate and interrogates him. One of the officers is calling him a “fagg*t”. We are unsure at this point why his father is insistent to show him this.

A test

Mina tells Lázaro that whatever he’s doing he needs to stop. He starts making a move on her but she walks away. Cayetana has a beautiful woman approach Lázaro to test him and when he’s attracted to her, she tells him that he passed the test. Cayetana calls Gabino a “Nancy boy” and it makes Lázaro angry — “I’d rather be with a woman than a girl”. Meanwhile, Alonso tells Gabino that he should leave for good or it won’t end well for him.

Episode 2 shows the absurd behaviour of Spain in the 50s and how people treated those who were assumed to be gay.

Let’s forget about it

Lázaro asks Gabino if he’s felt something for him all this time. Gabino explains how he didn’t want to scare him but asks if they can forget it — Lázaro clearly doesn’t feel the same. The pair hug and suggest it’s time to go home. Alonso and Cayatena watch and call them “Fagg*ts” based on the hug alone.

Going for the mother

Lázaro watches Mina swim and gets her a towel. He tells her that he’s leaving soon and when she tells him that she’ll miss him, he grabs her and they snog like excited teenagers. Mina let’s go and tells him that he has to leave.

Dragged and beaten

Episode 2 shows the appalling circumstances that Lázaro and Gabino have to endure due to the rumours.

In the next scene, a few men drive Lázaro to a warehouse. Gabino is tied up and Alonso keeps hitting him. Alonso then asks Lázaro to dance. Lázaro performs ballet and then Alonso hits him with a crowbar and proceeds to beat him up.

The grandma of Gabino’s family asks Rosario how she got the job. She threatens to report her as a communist but Rosario begs her not to. The grandma says she is safe for now but asks for a favour. Meanwhile, the father tells Mina that their son has brought shame to the family. He tells Mina she longer has a voice in this house. The father speaks to the grandmother and they blame it on Làzaro just because he’s Mexican.

The ending

As the episode ends, Alonso walks through an area in town where he’s had sex with men before, highlighting how much of hypocrite he is — he’s living his own lie at the expense of an old friend. Lázaro tells Gabino that he loves him as a friend. Mina walks in the room and sees that Gabino has been hurt. She tells them to leave straight away and gives a ticket for a train. She apologises for asking Gabino to come back.

The grandmother alerts the family that the boys have fled. Mina begs them to let them leave.

Episode 2 escalates quickly as a rumour spreads about Gabino and his friend that has shattering circumstances.

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