Someone Has to Die episode 3 recap – the ending explained

October 17, 2020
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It was always going to end in violence and episode 3 ends this family drama that centres around suppression and tragedy.

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It was always going to end in violence and episode 3 ends this family drama that centres around suppression and tragedy.

This recap of Netflix series Someone Has to Die episode 3, “Pull the Trigger” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Lázaro and Gabino wait for the train and are ready to flee. The police turn up and they have to run away before they can get on board. They catch Gabino but Lázaro manages to get away. The grandma Amparo tells Mina that Gabino has been arrested. Mina tells her that she’s going to tell her husband about the letter but the grandmother does not seem phased at all.

The ending of this story gives each character a reason to be desperate, a reason to kill.

We need to correct your deviance

Episode 3 sees the father cruelly treating his son with punishments purely because of who he is.

The father Gregerio meets his son in the detention centre. He tells Gabino that this hurts more than it hurts him and the “law is the law”. He wants to take him to a facility to “correct his deviance”. When Gabino insists that Lázaro is just a friend, his father slaps him. He then asks him where Lázaro is and Gabino tells him he’s gone to France. The father doesn’t believe him so the police gag him so he struggles to breathe.

Placed in a cell

Gabino is placed in a cell with another man. The man claims he’s in here for the same reason he is. He tells Gabino to tell his lover to run. Gregerio asks Alonso’s father if his son can be placed in a mental asylum instead of a detention centre.

Alonso visits

It’s easy to forget about Alonso in this story but he’s also someone battling with his sexuality and he’s one of the reasons that Gabino has ended up in this situation.

Alonso visits Gabino and asks if he has said anything about him. Gabino tells him that he isn’t a bast*rd. Alonso apologises and claims he warned him to leave. He admits to not being a good friend since he returned. Alonso cruelly gives Gabino a gun and tells him to use it, implying to commit suicide.

Secretly meeting Lázaro

Mina learns that Lázaro has been found and wants to meet him straight away. No-one else knows he has been found. When she finally sees him, the pair embrace and kiss. Lázario wants to do something and Mina says there is only one way they can get out of this.

Passion in the woods

Episode 3 implies this notion that Lázaro and Mina are intensely in love as soon as they met each other.

Rumours surface that Lázaro has been found in the woods. Cayetana checks out the woods and sees Lázaro and Mina having fully naked sex in the woods. She points her gun at them and Mina sees her but carries on having sex — it’s almost like she is cherishing the moment. Cayetana walks off and alerts the community. Before they are caught, Mina tells Lázaro that she will never regret it.

A twisted mind

Gregerio finds out what happened and he is mortified. Gabino is freed by his father and he drives him off. Cayetana heads into the place where Lázaro is kept and takes off his cuffs. She tells him all this is her fault and she never wanted it to escalate. She tells him she only ever wanted him. Cayetana gives her money and a ticket so they can flee together. Lázaro agrees to go with her but then she starts laughing and calls him a “Poor idiot”. She spits in his face.

Cayetana is a twisted character; she does not seem to care about her actions and how it impacts other people. She’s bitter and full of revenge.

I cannot forgive myself

Gregorio drives his son and heads to the club. He talks about how much he deeply regrets what happened and how he cannot forgive himself. As Gabino draws his gun, they nearly hit a pig. He hides the gun away again.

The absolute audacity

Amparo tells Mina that it was a mistake marrying her son and that she’s becoming “nothing”. She tells her story of how she killed her other son and Gabino saw. Mina is angry at the audacity of telling her all this. The grandma is also a twisted character, showing how much she embraces being head of the family.

The pleasure

Gregorio arrives and he starts strangling her mother, believing she’s a murderer after the rumour has reached him. Meanwhile, Alonso sees Gabino in a car and speaks to him — Gabino tells him to leave him alone. Alonso asks what it’s like to be with a man — Gabino describes a time he had a romantic moment with a man in a swimming pool — he goes into a lot of detail regarding the pleasure.

The ending

Alonso’s eyes fill with tears as he listens to Gabino’s story; he grabs the gun and points it to his head. Gabino stops him from killing himself and Alonso sobs in arms. Gabino promises not to abandon him and that they should help each other.

Gabino sees Lárazo getting dragged outside and runs into the woods. Gregorio is pointing his gun at Mina and Lárazo. He asks Gabino to kill them and restore dignity in the family. He cannot do it and his father insists that he lifts the gun and calls him a “Fagg*t”. Alonso shoots Gregorio in the head but then Amparo shoots Alonso. She manages to shotgun Lázaro in the leg and then kills him. As she looks for the other two, Gabino points his gun at his grandmother and kills her.

It was always going to end in violence and Someone Has to Die episode 3 ends this family drama that centres around suppression and tragedy. It does get a little bonkers near the end and loses its grip on the story slightly but it’s definitely worth the watch.

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