Blood of Zeus season 1, episode 1 recap – the opening chapter explained

October 27, 2020 (Last updated: January 16, 2023)
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Episode 1 is a frantic yet entertaining opening — it shrouds itself in mythology early on and the anime series is ready to tell a story from the very first minute.

This recap of Netflix anime series Blood of Zeus season 1, episode 1, “A Call to Arms” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

It’s an action-packed opening.

Demons run through the woods as the thunder rumbles. A small group of soldiers are attempting to face them head-on. In the next scene, Heron is buying Ore — he’s poor and is presented with dishevelled clothing.

Demons are here

Grand Archon Alexia turns up on horseback and she asks Heron if he has seen a demon; when he denies he’s seen anything, she tells Heron and others to get inside and hide. Heron then finds wise elder Elias drunk and badly bleeding. He picks him up and fills a jug of water to help him.

A demon attacks

Heron then sees a woman floating in the water but notices her guts hanging out. A demon attacks him and he’s in a fight. Alexia helps him. When she needs help, Heron fights off a demon for her.

Episode 1 establishes that Heron is strong very early.

Proving monsters are real

The village goes into lockdown mode as Alexia and her army try to find the rest of the demons. She gives a speech to the villagers warning them all about the army of monsters that are going to descend on them all; she proves that monsters exist by hurting a man with fire. The man transforms into a demon and Alexia chops off his head.

Elias tells the story

Episode 1 wastes no time providing exposition and context.

Heron is concerned that these demons exist. Elias tells him the story of how the Gods beat the Titans; the last Titan swore a curse on the Gods and the Giants were born and a hellish war erupted — both sides battled endlessly with either side unable to conquer each other. One day, Zeus introduced a compromise with the Giants and then planned one final attack. Hermes gathered all the Giant’s souls and their remains were stored in the Ocean.

Elias continues; later on, a man found a vessel in the ocean and he was consumed by a Giant. Soon more men were consumed and they started eating the Giants and they became demons.

Heron’s mother proves she isn’t a demon

Episode 1 follows similar traits of greek mythology.

Alexia asks Heron to join her army and battle the demons. Heron does not feel it is his fate. When Heron returns home, his mother tells him that he is “no bast*rd”, however, before she can explain further, villagers turn up and claim that Heron’s mother is one of the demons. Heron offers to fight all of them. His mother proves she isn’t a demon and stokes herself with fire to stop the fighting.

The ending

Heron tells Elias that he should have joined Alexia. Elias explains that war is upon them — he tells him to climb to the top of a mountain to find a rose bush and to dig beneath it for the adamantine ore to make a great sword. As Heron heads to the mountain, Elias is approached by Ares — he calls Elias the “King of Kings”. Elias looks younger and warrior-like now. The pair debate interventions in humans — Elias is confident that Heron can lead.

Blood of Zeus season 1, episode 1 is a frantic yet entertaining opening — it shrouds itself in mythology early on and the anime series is ready to tell a story from the very first minute.

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