Blood of Zeus season 1, episode 2 recap – what happened in “Past is Prologue”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 27, 2020 (Last updated: January 16, 2023)
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Episode 2 continues to delve deep into the origin story of Heron as truths are learned, and a battle continues to brew.

This recap of Netflix anime series Blood of Zeus season 1, episode 2, “Past is Prologue” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

The opening of the second chapter gives background to Heron’s mother.

Episode 2 opens with a woman giving birth — Heron’s mother Electra is the Queen — she’s worried that the King will kill her baby. As the baby is born, guards enter and ask if it is a boy. The king grabs the baby and checks him out. Another baby is then birthed from Electra — he’s told that there are two fathers. As the King tries to kill Electra, a majestic eagle flies in.

This ore is useless

Heron then wakes up on the mountain — he was dreaming. He keeps climbing the mountain to find the rose bush. Heron returns with the ore and tells Elias that it was a waste of time as it isn’t malleable. Elias tells him it is. Heron then tells him of his dreams. Elias tells Heron about nightmares, illusions and then visions of the truth — each brought on by a different powerful entity.

At this point, of course, Heron does not know the true form of Elias.

Electra tells her story

Heron tells his mother about his dream and tells her she was the Queen — he cites how it is impossible. Electra admits to marrying King Perdiander, The Tyrant of Corinth. She tells him it was all prearranged. She explains that she caught a God’s eye. Electra describes the King as kind and loving one day and then cold and demeaning on others.

Zeus was up to no good

The story continues; one day, while the King was kind, Electra asked for the truth, and suddenly Perdiander turned into Zeus — Zeus’s son Apollo warns him that his wife Hera can see him, so he returns to her, so he isn’t caught. Zeus’s wife talks about castrating the Giants.

Apollo tells Electra that she’s pregnant and that her child will be born out of wedlock. Zeus’s wife Hera spied on Electra and was consumed by jealousy.

This scene confirms that we are embarking on a revenge story. Basically, Zeus could not keep it in his pants.

Hera tries to get revenge

Hera enlisted the help of the Oneiroi and had them appear to the king dreams telling him he’ll have twins and one of them will not be his. The king tries to kill Electra, but Zeus saves her.

The king tries to run away with Heron, but Electra kills him. Zeus hid them both in the village so Hera could not find them — that’s why the villagers think they are an omen as the dark fog hasn’t lifted since they arrived. Heron asks about his brother. She explains how his brother was killed by his uncle. Electra tells Heron to look forward because he’s the son of Zeus. Heron explains that Elias has done everything for him like a father — Electra starts crying as Heron learns that Elias is Zeus.

This is a lot to take in for one conversation — you can feel Heron pulling his hair out.

The sword

An angry Heron finds the sword made from the ore and it looks powerful. It shines blue when he picks up. Heron throws the sword at a rock and lightning strikes.

Alexia and the map

Meanwhile, Alexia finds a map that seems to have another map within it — she believes that Chiron the Wise can read it. Alexia and her group are then circled by demons who want the map. The demons slaughter alexia’s soldiers. Alexia has escaped, and the demons vow to find her as they desperately need the map.

The ending

Electra asks Zeus to take them away to safety, but he tells her that he is unable to. Electra tells Zeus that “he fears Hera more than she loves her” and walks off upset. Elias confronts Heron to talk and transforms into Zeus. He tells Heron he doesn’t have good answers for him and asks for forgiveness. Heron tells him he doesn’t want to see him again, so Zeus disappears. Alexia turns up and tells Heron to run as a three-headed wolf runs after them.

Blood of Zeus season 1, episode 2 continues to delve deep into the origin story of Heron as truths are learned, and a battle continues to brew.

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