Truth Seekers season 1 review – surprisingly, this is a lifeless comedy-horror This should never have been a dud.



For all its gags and horror references, Truth Seekers fails to muster even a rare laugh as it forces itself to the finish line.

This review of Amazon original series Truth Seekers season 1 contains no spoilers. The horror-comedy will be released on the streaming service on October 30, 2020.

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When you see Nick Frost and Simon Pegg on the tin, you are led to believe that we are in safe hands. Truth Seekers, a comedy-horror series about a man named Gus that runs his own YouTube channel to capture paranormal activities while working for a broadband installation company, feels like a British winner. Unfortunately, that is not the case and this Amazon original series to round off horror month is a confusing disappointment. This is not the dud we expected.

It’s not like the series does not try; Gus is supported by two quirky characters named Elton John (the only time I probably laughed) and Astrid as they become an alternative, modern-day Ghostbusters squad that combines broadband installations with the need to find paranormal activity. Gus is a character that speaks “on the surface”; he’s meant to be comically naive and literal, but Nick Frost’s character fails to land any punchline properly.

Amazon’s Truth Seekers tries to bring a tinge of direction that helped us all fall in love with Shaun of the Dead, relying on that British irony where we all “just deal with it” when something horrific comes across us. But instead, it feels flimsy and rushed — the supporting characters are apparently important, but they made a writing choice to keep them undeveloped. The plot tries hard to bring in many horror tropes and references but then swings in the main arc that barely exists until the very end. There’s an idea in this series that is not delivered.

I did wonder if Nick Frost and Simon Pegg tried so hard to not make this into a celebrity-duo story that it sadly turned on its head. It is possible that if the series chose to put both of their characters together, rather than Gus out on his travels while Dave stays behind in his office giving orders, that this may have worked differently. It’s likely that both men did not want to feel predictable by going with the comedy duo aspect; however, as the saying goes, do not fix what isn’t broken.

And that’s not to say the acting is poor because it isn’t — the writing and wafer-thin characters that try and eke out emotions from the audience from little ingredients is what lets the story down. Truth Seekers season 1 evidently wanted to focus on the fun, but ironically, “the fun” is what lets it down. I’d be surprised if there was a Season 2 unless audiences embrace it with views. For all its gags and horror references, Truth Seekers fails to muster even a rare laugh as it forces itself to the finish line.

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