Truth Seekers season 1, episode 5 recap – “The Ghost of the Beast of Bodmin”? A storm is coming.



Episode 5 is a marked improvement to the last two chapters, but it still lacks that energy in the comedy that is important for a horror series like this.

This recap of Amazon original series Truth Seekers season 1, episode 5, “The Ghost of the Beast of Bodmin” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“The Ghost of the Beast of Bodmin” begins in a facility that has gone into evacuation mode. Peter uses someone’s eyeball and tongue to unlock an area of the facility. Once inside the room, he uses a hand to try and unlock a lab unit — he takes two pages of the famous book.

This character is well and truly the villain now. He has a plan and a purpose behind what he is doing.

A new lead

Astrid tells them about a new lead from a new subscriber called Jojo74. Gus marks out that the user is talking about the Beast of Bodmin. Elton looks at the image and thinks the cat will be at least 6 feet. The location is Cornwall.

Meanwhile, Peter Toynbee tests out a device on Terry, and the man explodes in the car. There’s blood everywhere — Peter is on a mission.

Employees enjoying the weekend together

Astrid, Gus, and Elton head out on a journey to Cornwall. Dave rings them and tells them that he’s happy that employees are socializing on the weekend. Dave is curious if they are trying to find the Beast of Bodmin. When Dave ends the call, he receives a photo of himself where he’s sat.

Helen and Richard bond

Richard and Helen are definitely the outcasts in terms of characters, but “The Ghost of the Beast of Bodmin” gives them room to get to know each other.

While the others are away, Richard and Helen hang out. Richard asks Helen what she gets anxious about, and she says everything. Richard brings up one of his friends who lost his legs. Helen asks what’s wrong with his eye as it is so inflamed and wants to take a photo of it.

The production is underway

When Gus and the group arrive in Cornwall, they start recording their video. Gus starts talking about the Bodmin moor. They then try and find the Beast. When they think they find it, they run away while trying to record the experience—the group head inside a building.

The ending

The group head down into the basement and see that they’ve been fooled — there’s no Beast of Bodmin as they see a cardboard cut of it that was in the image. Jojo74 turns up and tells Gus that he’s good but that he’s just scratching the surface. She asks if he’s ever thought about his broadband company’s true purpose — to brainwash everyone. Jojo74 tries convincing them that a storm is coming. She begs them not to blow her cover.

Helen leaves Richard’s house. Richard starts to remember what happened to him and has weird flashes.

Truth Seekers season 1, episode 5 is a marked improvement on the last two chapters, but it still lacks that energy in the comedy that is important for a horror series like this.

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