Truth Seekers season 1, episode 7 recap – “The Hinckley Boy”?

October 30, 2020
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“The Hinckley Boy” is one of the strong chapters, mostly because the stakes are high and everything is on the line as it leads to the finale.

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“The Hinckley Boy” is one of the strong chapters, mostly because the stakes are high and everything is on the line as it leads to the finale.

This recap of Amazon originals series Truth Seekers season 1, episode 7, “The Hinckley Boy” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“The Hinckley Boy” brings a flashback of Elton with his sister. He’s told to get the clean washing in the basement by his mother. Noticeably, he’s called Lionel in the flashback. As he turns around in the basement, the washer is on fire, and he sees a paranormal figure who looks like he’s suffering from severe burns.

The penultimate chapter sees a direct link between Elton’s experiences and Astrid’s, which is explained later.

A trip to Norfolk and Peter’s plan

In the present day, Gus wants to take Elton to Norfolk for their next work task. He asks Helen and Astrid if they are going to watch the eclipse later. Meanwhile, Peter Toynbee is preparing for the event — the eclipse is 8 hours away. He gets into a circle with a group of men who seem to be controlled by him. He’s planning an inter-dimensional transference.

While on a call with Helen, Richard’s eyes light up red and he suddenly has to go. He trashes the kitchen as he’s looking for something.

There’s more to Elton

It’s quite a weak twist, but the character Elton who has stayed mostly on the sidelines feeling scared of every event actually has a dark past.

Gus has tricked Elton as they are really going to Leicestershire. Gus tells Astrid that there’s more to Elton that meets the eye. He shows Astrid the magazine “The White Sheets” — Elton was the case that Gus’s wife could not crack.

Elton tells Astrid how he became a local science project after the fire in his house — journalists wanted pictures and interviews. Elton felt alone after his paranormal experience — some helped, but others bullied. Gus’s wife tried to help as well. Elton explains how eventually the family ran away due to the media circus. Elton John explains that his real name is Lionel Richie which was a rare funny moment. Gus wants Elton to revisit his childhood event.

Visiting the old home

Gus and the group visit Elton’s old home. A teenage girl recognizes them as the Truth Seekers from YouTube. They ask if they can look in the basement. Elton is nervous about revisiting his past. When he goes down there, it’s revamped and modern. Elton feels like it is nice now and not creepy — he isn’t feeling anything.

Peter continues with his plan

Meanwhile, Peter Toynbee asks one of his assistants to stand on top of a building as a storm brews — she doesn’t want to go through with his plan, but Peter talks about being able to live forever. His assistant holds a metal pole on top of the building, and she’s electrocuted by the lightning—her soul transfers to a machine.

Astrid’s secret

Meanwhile, in the basement at Elton’s old home, a disturbance is starting. The house begins to shake, and the basement door shuts. Elton starts panicking. Astrid tells Elton that he hasn’t told him the whole truth. Suddenly the figure that looks like a heavy burn victim appears. Astrid touches the figure, and a woman appears — it’s her mother. She tells Elton that he was the only one that could save her and that she had to push her through back to the world of the living — the mother is talking about Astrid.

Astrid explains that she died in 1997 — that’s when she woke up in the old hospital. She’s half-dead, half alive.

Another twist, but by the time we get to this point, it’s hardly impactful.

The ending

Outside, Gus’s wife Emily appears, and she tells him she’s sorry. She explains that she was trying to find an eternal future for them in paradise. Emily tells Gus that Peter Toynbee murdered her and that he must save everyone.

Astrid’s mother tells Elton that it’s time to close the door. When Elton closes his eyes, Astrid’s mother disappears. At Richard’s house, Helen is looking for Richard as he’s gone missing. She rings Gus with her concerns.

Truth Seekers season 1, episode 7 is one of the strong chapters, mostly because the stakes are high and everything is on the line as it leads to the finale.

Additional points
  • Dave is getting more irritated that he’s constantly getting recorded by someone — he’s being terrorized. A colleague offers to triangulate the hacker’s location.

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