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“The Shadow of the Moon” is a predictable and okay ending with some entertaining, action-packed sets; however, there is not enough here to convince the audience that they want a season 2.

This recap of Amazon Original series Truth Seekers season 1, episode 8, “The Shadow of the Moon” — the ending explained — contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“The Shadow of the Moon” opens with in the past, and an eclipse is in full action. Emily tells Peter that his set-up is beautiful. She asks him if his followers are willing souls if they are implanted with chips. Peter slashes her throat, and then her soul transfers into him.

The story started with Emily — Peter has used many people to carry out his plans.

Found the hacker and needing red eyes

Dave has nearly found the hacker that is terrorizing him. The address is a 10-minute drive from him, so he quickly leaves the office. When Dave gets to the location, someone has left him a blue rose — he has been played.

It was obvious Dave was going to be important. We didn’t know what for.

Stay away from Portland

Peter Toynbee is gathering his followers for the ritual. Gus and the group park outside of the building and try to keep low key. They need red eyes to get inside the building. Jojo74 rings Gus and tells her not to go to Portland — she tells him the puppetmasters have started and that he’s going to have to make a choice today and “not to trust them”. Dave then rings Gus and asks him to go Portland — he tells him that that the coverage has gone down and if it remains that way, Peter’s plans will work.

Gus tells Jojo74 that he will stay away from Portland, but then he agrees to help Dave. Gus obviously has a hunch here.

Finding Richard

The group enters the building with their red eyes. Gus tells Helen to find Richard and to get him away as quickly as possible, or his head will blow up. Helen finds Richard immediately and tells him they need to leave — Richard tells her that they are off to Eternis. Suddenly everyone starts pointing at Helen. Meanwhile, Dave returns to the office and explains to a colleague that they need to roll-out 8g to force the nanobots to malfunction.

The twist here is that Dave knew more about this than he thought, but why? If a second season occurs, we’ll likely find out why.

The numbers station

Elton and Astrid reach the numbers station at the Portland Beacon hotel. The woman inside the station has given herself willingly to help Peter Toynbee to move into the next dimension. She is blocking the signal so Peter can carry out his plans. Astrid tells Elton that she will go inside the machine and asks him to open the door as he’s a conduit. Before they carry out their plan, the pair kiss. Astrid enters the number station.

Peter disrupts the event

Helen now has the nanobot inside her as Peter Toynbee starts his eclipse his event. As Peter shouts his incantation, Gus disrupts the session, and he attacks Peter. Meanwhile, Astrid fights the woman inside the numbers station, and Elton listens, but then a spirit turns up, and he has to keep it out. Astrid tells the woman in the numbers station that Peter used her. The spirit manages to get inside the room, but Elton is suddenly not afraid and uses his conduit powers to get rid of it.

Peter is defeated

After plenty of drama and running around, the ending of Truth Seekers season 1 finally concludes.

Peter activates the nanobots to explode everyone’s heads, but at the same time, Dave activates the 8g which malfunctions the nanobots. The numbers machine is quiet, and Elton fears the worst. Peter tells Gus that he’s ruined everything as he bleeds out slowly. Meanwhile, Jojo74 asks someone to send a clean-up team to Portland.

Peter is defeated.

The ending

Elton tells Gus and the others that Astrid is a ghost and that he couldn’t bring her back from the machine. Gus believes they can find her again as they are Truth Seekers.

In the Smyl office, Jojo74 visits Dave. She tells him that his wig is dreadful and that he looks good in a suit. Jojo74 tells Dave that Peter Toynbee was a mistake and that he was too hung up on being immortal. Dave explains that they should never send a human to do a super being’s job and remarks that he wouldn’t want to be Astrid right now. It looks like these two are the real villains in all this.

Truth Seekers season 1, episode 8 is a predictable and okay ending with some entertaining, action-packed sets; however, there is not enough here to convince the audience that they want a Season 2.

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