Trial 4 episode 6 recap – “A Taste Of Freedom”

November 11, 2020
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“A Taste Of Freedom” presents bittersweet freedom and the difficulties faced when taking on post-conviction trial.

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“A Taste Of Freedom” presents bittersweet freedom and the difficulties faced when taking on post-conviction trial.

This recap of Netflix limited series Trial 4 episode 6, “A Taste Of Freedom” contains information on the chapter.

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The opening

“A Taste Of Freedom” opens in May 2015. The court has decided on the motion for a new trial. Sean’s lawyer Rosemary Scapicchio visited him in prison to deliver the news. The motion had been granted — a new trial was given, and Rosemary describes the emotion in the room. There’s an air of appreciation for Sean for what Rosemary has done.

The truth is starting to surface

The judge is worried that the new trial will reflect negatively on the good police officers. But the judge was also fair and allowed Sean and his attorney to argue for bail. For the first time in the series, they are showing how the truth was starting to coming out. The family posted a $50k bail that was fundraised. Sean now feels the first taste of freedom in 22 years, but there’s also a cloud over his head — it was not over at this point.


Sean tells the audience what it was like taking a shower for the first time outside of prison — in prison, you can’t enjoy a shower as there is too much anxiety. “A Taste Of Freedom” shows how difficult it is for people who leave prison after so long to adjust to the freedoms of society.

The appeal

And, as predictable as the judicial system is, the DA office appealed against the Judge’s decision. The appeal went to the seven justices of the Supreme Court. It’s an incredible Supreme Court appeal case; Rosemary Scapicchio versus the commonwealth. After intense arguments, the Supreme Court rules in favour of a new trial.

Laying out the options

Lawyer Rosemary Scapicchio breaks down Sean’s options for him, but she recommends in this fourth trial that they attack the police investigation. Sean’s face is full of nerves, but you have to compliment Rosemary as she’s calm and cool about it.

Attacking the investigation

Rosemary wanted to find witnesses who were wronged by the detective and unearth as much corruption as possible that surrounded Sean’s conviction. There are little instances like Detective Acerra finding evidence out of the blue that was not found by many officers beforehand. A little bit like Steven Avery’s case, evidence appeared like magic with no-one questioning it.

The ending

The defence meet witness Michelle Hagar who knew John Mulligan; he helped her out with a couple of cases, and they had a physical relationship. He gave her money in exchange for sexual favours. Michelle was the last phone call from John Mulligan — she was one of the suspects. Michelle couldn’t meet him that night, so she sent another woman named “Bunny” who went over with a gentleman named “One-Eyed Mr C”, who was a maintenance worker for the Beechland projects. He was fed up of all of Mr Mulligan’s blackmails aimed at residents over drugs. Bunny claims that “One-Eyed Mr C” killed Mr Mulligan.

Michelle told the police all this. When the defence looked for “One-Eyed Mr C” they find out he was murdered in 2005.

Trial 4 episode 6 presents bittersweet freedom and the difficulties faced when taking on post-conviction trials. The Netflix series delves into the research required and the effort needed to make sure someone like Sean Ellis remains free.

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