The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special review— a perfect holiday treat a Star Wars carol



The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special is the perfect holiday treat.

I am not going to lie. I was hoping the Disney+ latest money grab would be just a straight-up Lego remake of the infamous CBS television film. Just straight up tactile Wookie’s enjoying everything that “Life Day” has to offer. Instead, we are treated to all that Lego goodness that picks up right after Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker and that incorporates themes of that notorious Lucas payday with a sci-fi twist on a classic holiday trope — and it works.

This adventure follows our girl Rey as she leaves her friends who prepare for Life Day. She wants to start a new adventure to gain an even deeper understanding of the Force. She embarks on a journey that takes her across different points in time during the Star Wars saga. Only, will she find out what she is looking for and make it back for the Life Day festivities?

Director Ken Cunningham’s debut feature is a sparse 45 minutes (that still qualifies), but it has a very smart and witty script that doesn’t feel too short or long. I won’t ruin and spoil any of the surprises, but David Shayne’s script takes Rey to several classic Star Wars moments that are reworked with Lego’s trademark humor. It’s really a sci-fi take on A Christmas Carol. Several classic characters pop up, even some cult favorites, that will be sure to please the diehard fanbase. It even has a satirical view of the nature of power in leadership that is as timely as ever.

My only complaint is that team of animators had two characters without the trademark Lego head — I’m not talking helmets. For instance, when Max Rebo (a blue, elephant looking creature) walks in, his head is not tangible or has a hard plastic appearance. It semi-abandons the famous Lego appearance with a legendary character later. It brings you out of the moment and temporarily takes away from the film’s overall charm. Let’s hope this won’t become more prominent in future installments.

Still, it’s a delightful little distraction for anyone looking for some mild escapism during the holidays. Fans of the Lego and Star Wars franchises, as well as the kid in all of us, will find this to be the perfect holiday treat.

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