Animaniacs season 1 review – Hulu brings back the classic with a fresh modern perspective It's back, finally!



Hulu’s Animaniacs is fun, outlandish, nostalgic, and manages to bring a fresh modern perspective.

This review of Hulu’s Animaniacs season 1 contains no spoilers. The rebooted animated series will be returning to the streaming service on November 20, 2020.

With anything that is rebooted in film and television, there’s always a slight suspicion of its returning due to the prying eyes of executives or whether there’s enough nostalgic pull to bring it back for a mass audience. You’d be forgiven to think that Hulu was playing a money-spinner, bringing back a classic we never assumed would be brought back to life — but then we saw Steven Spielberg’s name splashed on the branding. It was quite evident that this reboot has been taken seriously.

And from the first episode, it’s abundantly clear we are in safe hands as our favourite characters tease the contracts and the money behind bringing back Animaniacs. It’s a clever sketch that provides a journey from re-earthing the Universe, all the way up to re-entering the famous Warner Brothers tower. For anything like this, if you are smirking in the first couple of minutes, then the people bringing the content back to life have done a marvellous job. And to make it even more exciting, there are 13 episodes to appease fans who have wanted the return of the wacky trio since the 90s production ended.

Animaniacs Season 1 manages to live up to the times; in the first 25 minutes, we experience a Trump joke, which is on the air of predictable, but it’s quite clear that Spielberg wanted to make the audience aware that the characters understand the times they are in. Hulu’s Animaniacs delves into modern world pop culture, highlighting how it’s wackier than the characters we are facing; even wackier than Pinky and the Brain.

Animaniacs is a great move for Hulu, and it establishes how in 2020 they have made great strides in the market, plucking the likes of The Great and Monsterlanddrawing audiences away from the popular Netflix and Amazon. This may be a unique selling point to eat away at subscribers and establish themselves in the top 3, especially with HBO Max lurking around the corner with Zack Synder’s Justice League cut. Hulu’s Animaniacs is fun, outlandish, nostalgic, and manages to bring a fresh modern perspective.

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