B Positive season 1, episode 3 recap – “Foreign Bodies” setting boundaries



“Foreign Bodies” turned out to be surprisingly heartfelt and touching, as Drew opened up to his family about his predicament — with a little help from Gina.

This recap of B Positive season 1, episode 3, “Foreign Bodies”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

You know how moving in with someone can be, and it’s much worse when a) you barely know the person you’re moving in with and b) that person is Gina, who is apparently a dog trainer, a bootlegger, and a licensed body piercer. But even a giant dog named Cannoli and artisanal homebrews aren’t enough to put off Drew’s dialysis buddies, who still think he should be thankful for having a donor — though it’s important that Drew doesn’t think of her as just his donor. That kidney is inside a human being, after all.

And that human being is a surprise to Julia, who didn’t even know Drew needed a kidney, let alone one that comes with dogs and makes TikToks. It’s interesting to see Drew try and explain all this to Julia and the genuine sympathy she seems to have for him. She even gives him a kiss on the way out. This is a much more interesting dynamic than Julia simply being a bitter ex, and how it relates to Maddie poses some intriguing possibilities as well.

It also leaves Gina out in the cold a bit, which doesn’t go unnoticed. She expected giving someone a part of your body would forge some kind of spiritual connection, but apparently not. Maddie doesn’t really understand the relationship either; she’s naturally worried that Drew might die — the first bit of genuine contrition we’ve seen from her, as it happens — but she doesn’t quite get why someone would just offer a kidney to him. She doesn’t exactly process the idea well, either.

Luckily, Gina is there to intervene, clambering into her room despite Drew’s explicit instructions not to get too involved. She interrupts Maddie researching the likelihood of death due to the transplant, which isn’t a good sign, but Gina is actually really good at making teenage girls feel better. It’s just a shame she’s not any good at making Drew cooler, but even with three working kidneys that probably wouldn’t be the case.

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