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“It’s Complicated” lives up to its title with a very busy episode in which everyone seems to have problems, from living arrangements to algebra to fitting in.

This recap of The Unicorn season 2, episode 2, “It’s Complicated”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

As it turns out, women you meet wrangling skunks in graveyards tend to be pretty mysterious, which is something Wade’s friends won’t let him forget. At the moment, he doesn’t know anything about Shannon. But their first date is coming up, and he hopes to learn everything about her then — maybe even her middle name. Her last name would probably do, though.

Speaking of people who don’t know things, Forrest doesn’t know anything about youth culture, which is a problem since his new job is stocked with people who are several decades younger than him and have a private group chat he’s not invited to — because he’s old, he assumes.

He’s not the only one with problems. When Wade arrives at Shannon’s place for their date, her ex hasn’t arrived to watch the kid, so they decide to eat there instead — we know the ex is going to turn up, don’t we? Grace, meanwhile, is struggling to transition to high school, and Michelle is struggling with algebra for her college course, which she enlists Grace for help with. “It’s Complicated” certainly lives up to its title.

And that’s before — surprise, surprise — Shannon’s ex-husband, Doug, turns up. And Doug, it turns out, lives in the garage, which comes up after Wade threatens him with a whisk on suspicion of being an intruder. Yikes. Delia, of course, interferes in Forrest’s predicament and gets him added to the work group chat, which he naturally takes full responsibility for and immediately begins fretting over which memes to respond with. He’s so annoying that Delia has to confess straight away. Grace becomes “an anime girl”, seemingly unwittingly and much to the bafflement of Natalie, Michelle determines she needs a proper tutor, and Wade has to grapple with the idea that Shannon lives with her ex-husband.

Of course, Wade hasn’t been entirely honest with Shannon either, since he never mentioned being a widower. That allows them both to admit fault and decide to give their date another try, even if she still won’t tell him her last name. Maybe next week.

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