Big Mouth season 4 review – the popular animated sit-com returns and it’s outrageous as ever

December 3, 2020
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Netflix series Big Mouth season 4


The series continues to push the boundaries, leaving some episodes behind as a case study rather than a fleeting joke.

This review of Netflix’s Big Mouth season 4 contains no spoilers. The animated sit-com will be returning to the streaming service on December 4, 2020.

While Netflix has a growing and strong presence in Asian anime, the streaming service does seem to lack reputable western animations. While Disenchantment has landed and has a small stake in popularity, Netflix is still trying to plant seeds in this market. However, they do have a torch that helps them ride the gathering wave, and that’s Emmy-nominated Big Mouth, which has made it past the third season curse and is giving the audience a season 4.

Of course, the biggest news of season 4 is the casting if Ayo Edebiri as Missy, who is shoehorning her way in to replace Jenny Slate in the penultimate episode, who has voiced the role since the first season. Netflix has wisely ensured Big Mouth will have six seasons, so from a voice casting perspective, Ayo will evolve into the role starting from Season 4.

Big Mouth season 4 continues with the horrors of growing up with the outlandish characters and tackling of thematic, and modern-day divisive topics. The series continues to push the boundaries, leaving some episodes behind as a case study rather than a fleeting joke. For instance, one episode is titled “A Very Special 9/11 Episode”, and I clicked it with a grimace.

Season 4 explores a plethora of topics including transgender people, menstrual cycles, feminine pleasure and a dying planet (yes Big Mouth delivers on a fast-paced chapter in the future which will delight the fans).

The extensive voice cast delivers as always, and it’s difficult for them to drop the ball when there’s so many of them. Netflix must be proud of such a team of voices, all taking in different personalities and alter egos; Season 4 continues to be a whole lot of fun and easily binge-able.

While some audiences still grimace and detest the achievements of Big Mouth, it’s only following a formula as many other animations have done before us. The question of longevity and the conversations the animation raises will always be perched on a platform. Still, as long as the creators continue to challenge themselves to make the show outrageous, this series will continue to remain on Netflix for the fans.

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