DC Comics March 2021 Title Purge!

December 25, 2020
Louie Fecou 0

DC Comics March 2021 Title Purge!

As we have been reporting for some time now, it seems that DC Comics is very actively taking steps to downsize the production of its comic books.

Starting with the takeover from AT&T, as reported on this very site, and continuing with the dismissal of nearly 40 percent of its editorial staff, including Dan Didio and other long serving DC Comics personnel, the downward spiral of the comic publishing company seems to be hurtling on.

Of course, the onset of the global pandemic will not have helped matters, but it seems that Covid may have been instrumental in pushing the decisions DC has made to the head of the line.

Over at Marvel comics, it looks like there are 66 titles up for grabs, nearly double the amount from DC.

So let’s have a dive into the March books from DC.

March the 2nd sees DC release seven titles: Infinite Frontier #0, Suicide Squad #1, Swamp Thing #12, Batman #106, Sensational Wonder Woman #1, Waking Hours #8, and Man-Bat #2.

March the 9th provides eight books: Batman Urban Legend #1, The Joker #1, Wonder Woman #770, American Vampire 1976 #6, Green Lantern Season 2 #12, Rorschach #6, and Sweet Tooth The Return #5.

On the 16th we receive nine offerings starting with Superman Red and Blue #1, Catwoman #29, Flash #768, Justice League #59, Nightwing #78, Batman/Catwoman #4, Batman vs Ras Al Ghul #5, Looney Tunes #259, and Truth and Justice #2.

Another seven titles on the 23rd: Harley Quinn #1, Teen Titans Academy #1, Action Comics #1029, Detective Comics #1034, Batman/Superman #16, Batman Black and White #4, and Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #6.

Finally on the 30th, just three books: Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity #8, The Other History of the DC Universe #3, and Strange Adventures #9.

So that’s a total of just 34 books on sale from a company that pretty much has over 33 percent of the market at its disposal.

The distinct lack of titles for 2021 paints a bleak picture for the company and the actual books on offer also provide some insight on where the company thinks it’s market really is.

Out of the 34 books, it’s noteworthy that Batman, and Batman-related titles, are being pushed as much as possible. There are 12 Bat-heavy books solicited, possibly due to the constant media hype over the new Batman film, but that theory sort of collapses when you realize that there is no Aquaman book in the lineup, despite a sequel to the popular film being filmed.

Of the other titles only four books are Superman based, and only two for Wonder Woman, so it seems obvious where the money is in the DC Comics line up.

The demise of DC Comics is a major concern for direct sale shops, and the decision that DC took during Lockdown 1, to cut ties with Diamond Distribution, has also caused problems for shops, some of whom are now thinking about not actually stocking their books at all.

What the future holds for the company is anybody’s guess, but all the signs seem to be pointing to the fact that DC may be looking at a bleak future, as far as comic books go.

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