Who is Lady Whistledown in Bridgerton season 1?

December 25, 2020
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This article “Who is Lady Whistledown in Bridgerton season 1?” contains a major spoiler from the Netflix series.

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In Netflix’s Bridgerton, a single narrator is driving the series. The narrator exists amongst the characters — she sends out musings in the form of a small newspaper column full of gossip regarding the 1800s marriage market in London. She’s called Lady Whistledown, and her words influence how the community thinks and feels on potential engagements and suitors. She’s the hub of gossip and rumours. But who is Lady Whistledown in Bridgerton season 1?

Why are Lady Whistledown’s musings important?

They are important because she captures the mood of the marriage market. Her words alone can impact who is accepted in the community. In the first episode, Lady Whistledown’s column impacts Daphne Bridgerton and becomes the Queen’s favourite — nicknamed the “crown jewel”. Her musings can also have a negative impact. Her commentary can ensure a family is ousted merely by a view on events.

Who is Lady Whistledown?

Based on the final episode, Penelope is Lady Featherington. This was a shock because she isn’t exactly a major character; however, she is on the outskirts, having a measurable impact on wealthy families.

The Featherington family

This family is desperate to secure their place in the marriage market and form an allegiance with a wealthy estate. Lady Featherington spends most of the series focusing on Marina Thompson, rather than her daughter Penelope Featherington. This could answer a lot of questions on how the story moves.

Why doesn’t Penelope use the musings to her advantage?

Well, she doesn’t have a recognised suitor, and she is not next in line for marriage. She has a vested interest in her friend Marina, and she spends most of the series trying to help her out.

Does any of the characters find out who Lady Whistledown is?

No, but Eloise Bridgerton spends most of season 1 investigating on behalf of the Queen. She’s worried that the Queen will punish Lady Whistledown for spreading rumours, so feels guilty the deeper she heads into the investigation.

Does Penelope have a love interest? (Another major spoiler)

She does, but it feels entirely one-sided. She’s in love with Colin Bridgerton. The pair get along; however, there appears to be no interest from Colin. However, there is a possibility that these two could get together in a future season as Colin does appear to be grateful for her company by the end of Bridgerton season 1.

What’s next for Penelope Featherington/ Lady Whistledown for season 2? (Another major spoiler)

The end of season 1 is heartbreaking for Penelope. Colin decides to go travelling, which leaves her with little hope that she can explore a romance with him.

The question viewers will have is why Penelope did not use the musings to benefit her family. She likely disagreed with her mother’s intentions for Marina, and rather than helping, she decided not to use her power for the benefit of the family.

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