Bob Hearts Abishola season 2, episode 6 recap – “A Tight Ass Is A Wonderful Thing”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: January 5, 2021 (Last updated: January 19, 2021)
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Bob Hearts Abishola season 2, episode 6 recap - "A Tight Ass Is A Wonderful Thing"


“A Tight Ass Is A Wonderful Thing” puts honest first and foremost, though not everyone is ready to hear the truth.

This recap of Bob Hearts Abishola season 2, episode 6, “A Tight Ass Is A Wonderful Thing”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Honesty is the best policy in “A Tight Ass Is A Wonderful Thing” — a true title if ever there was one — and it’s largely Kemi, of all people, who prompts that realization. At least in Bob’s case, anyway, since he has now taken to driving her to work with Abishola and complaining about how annoying she is to Abishola in private. But Abishola doesn’t understand the concept of bitching, it seems, and at work, she tells Kemi everything Bob said about her, leading to a loud argument in the hospital cafeteria. “Ladies,” interjects Gloria, “You’re scaring the white people.”

But it’s an important cultural difference and one that Bob is going to need to get to grips with in Bob Hearts Abishola season 2, episode 6. Since he upset Kemi, Chewie won’t serve him at the CVS, and when Bob angrily confronts Abishola about it, he realizes that the idea of not being honest when she finds things annoying is completely alien to her. He counters with the idea that you vent behind people’s backs so that you don’t say it to them and cause an argument, but she’s not one for protecting peoples’ feelings, and the fact Bob is worries her. In that case, is he hiding things that he finds annoying about her?

It’s Kemi who visits Bob to save the day, though not without strings attached — she arrives at his house with all her laundry and makes him wash and fold it while advising him to “be more Nigerian”. It’s good advice. Inspired, he tells Abishola up-front that the problem he has with their relationship is that she never spends the night at his place. She still won’t, but at least she admires his honesty. It’s a start.

In the B-plot of Bob Hearts Abishola season 2, episode 6, Douglas makes a costly blunder at work — an entire shipment of the wrong socks — and tries to cover it up, which gives Goodwin a personal crisis since he feels like not chastising Douglas for his mistake, falling for his sad eyes and silly voice, have compromised his integrity. The episode’s title of “A Tight Ass Is A Wonderful Thing” comes from this conversation, when Kofo tries to make him feel better about the other workers calling him a controlling tight ass. When Goodwin finally confronts Doug about his mistake, Doug reveals hidden stash spots that he’s using to make the problem go away, and Goodwin lectures him about losing his original job as a professor rather than lose his integrity. It’s enough to convince Douglas to confess to Dottie, who echoes the sentiment about integrity but advises they fake a fire so that the insurance company covers the losses. Goodwin, facing the prospect of having to foot the bill himself otherwise, goes along with the plan. Everyone has a price, don’t they?

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