A Love So Beautiful episode 5 recap – the Drama Festival

January 7, 2021
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Episode 5 is a heartbreaking chapter for Sol-i as she finds herself at the sour end of a school play.


This recap of Netflix K-Drama series A Love So Beautiful episode 5 contains significant spoilers.

The opening

At home, Sol-i is excited for the drama festival that will include school plays. Her father gives her advice and helps her rehearse. She wants a role badly. Sol-i tells her friends that she wants Cha Heon to take the male lead as it involves a romantic couple at school. Hui-ji asks Cha Heon if he’d like him to be in his playgroup for Romeo and Juliet. Sol-i looks gutted as Cha Heon says, “I’ll think about it”. Every episode Cha Heon has always got competition from Hui-ji

A jealous Cha Heon

Later, Sol-i asks Cha Heon if he knows the play Lovers in Paris. She’s desperate for him to join her group. She continues to pester him in class with lines from the play. However, he keeps rejecting her advances. The next day, Cha Heon hands her back the playbook and tells her she drooled on it. He walks off and smiles while she is embarrassed — it’s almost like he’s playing hard to get. 

In class, the teacher tells Cha Heon to join Hui-ji’s group, and Sol-i is gutted. Later on, Sol-i and Dae-sung walk back together. Dae-sung tells her that it was all about swimming when he was younger, but now he gets to make good friends. Cha Heon looks on from a distance, and his face says it all — he is jealous. 


In class, Sol-i’s group show their play. Dae-sung and Sol-i are a couple in the play, and Cha Heon continues to look jealous. Jin-hwan takes control and pulls Ha-young closer to him to take over the romantic lines which shock her, but she isn’t taken back by it. 

The ending

At the school play, Cha Heon and Hui-ji play out Romeo and Juliet. Sol-i watches on the side as Cha Heon goes in for the kiss. Suddenly, speakers play as Sol-i plays an audio file by accident; it’s a clip of her voicing her complaints about Hui-ji and playing Juliet herself. It brings a unique ending. Cha Heon and Hui-ji do not end up kissing  As the episode ends, Cha Heon finds an embarrassed Sol-i. He looks at her intently but then, shockingly, calls her a loser. Sol-i cries. What a devastating ending for Sol-i.

A Love So Beautiful episode 5 is a heartbreaking chapter for Sol-i as she finds herself at the sour end of a school play.

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