A Love So Beautiful episode 12 recap – Sol-i plans a declaration of love

January 23, 2021
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A Love So Beautiful episode 12 breaks Sol-i’s heart again as a brief misunderstanding ruins a romantic moment that was well-planned.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series A Love So Beautiful episode 12 contains significant spoilers.

Episode 12 begins in March 2008. Se-yeong is transfixed on Mi-nyeo and finds a way to be near her in the classroom. Jin-hwan then announces they will be volunteering and taking part in a picnic. There’s excitement in the room. They want to do a barbeque camp after.

With news of the barbecue, Sol-i plans an event for Cha Heon and heads to a shop with Dae-sung. She daydreams her plans for him. She buys candles, baubles, and all sorts of decorations to plan the event. Dae-sung gets a call, and his father asks him if he can go to the National Centre Pool. His swimming life and the pressure still hinders him. Episode 12 sees Sol-i wanting to declare her love for Cha Heon, which makes the ending even more heartbreaking. After the sweetness of exchanging Christmas gifts, there seemed to be hope for the young teens.

Jin-hwan joins Ha-young at the cinemas unexpectedly

Ha-young heads to the cinemas and follows someone she has a crush on, but then Jin-hwan turns up and ruins her moment. All three end up watching the movie together. Ha-young gets irritable during the movie as Jin-hwan keeps talking to her. Jin-hwan is very naive and unaware of what’s going up.

The park

During the volunteering, Sol-i follows Cha Heon around the park. Jin-hwan asks Ha-young what he’s done wrong and apologises — he has no idea what he’s saying sorry for. During the volunteering, Dae-sung is practising his swimming. Later in the day, Sol-i lays beside Cha Heon, and he suddenly gets nervous and rolls over. Both of their hearts are beating fast. It’s evident at this point that Cha Heon’s feelings are reciprocal.

A lot of beating hearts

Jin-hwan offers to be a backrest for Ha-young. He gives her one of his earphones; she sits admiring her crush while Jin-hwan admires her. His heart also beats fast, and he runs off terrified. He still seems completely unaware that Ha-young has a crush on someone else.

Barbecue camp

Dae-sung is told he will make the national team and he’s expected at the National Centre soon. His hard work has paid off. At the barbecue camp, Hui-ji makes Sol-i jealous again by asking Cha Heon to open her drink.

The ending

Sol-i asks Cha Heon to meet him at the trail “in five minutes”. She’s planned a declaration of love with loads of candles and a banner that says “Love Honey”. As Cha Heon heads over, Hui-ji stops him. Sol-i waits nervously. Hui-ji has told him something important, and as the lights go on that Sol-i planned, she hugs Cha Heon. Sol-i looks from a distance, and it looks intimate. Dae-sung grabs Sol-i and asks her not to look. Cha Heon turns around after hugging Hui-ji and sees Sol-i sobbing in Dae-sung’s arms. It’s dawned on him what’s happened and the assumptions that have been made.

A Love So Beautiful episode 12 breaks Sol-i’s heart again as a brief misunderstanding ruins a romantic moment that was well-planned. Does this moment bring Sol-i closer to Dae-sung? What will Cha Heon do to rectify the situation?

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