The Snyder Cut of the Justice League gets a release date

January 31, 2021
Louie Fecou 0

The Snyder Cut of Justice League is another chance for justice.

The DC film franchise spent most of its time running to catch up with Marvel. For film execs looking at the billion-dollar industry that Marvel Studios had become, it was only natural that they would want a piece of that action, but in their efforts to compete, they forgot that actually making films people wanted to see should have been a priority.

Although Man of Steel and Batman v Superman performed well, it was really only Wonder Woman that came close to emulating Marvel’s success.

The chase to get an Avengers-style flick on the screen ran into trouble from word one. With Zack Snyder once again directing, the Justice League film was DC’s Avengers, but without the 10 years of world-building that Marvel had invested in.

When Snyder left the project after a family tragedy and problems behind the scenes, the film was handed over to Joss Whedon. The finished product disappointed both at the box office and with fans, who found the swing in tone, often in concurrent scenes, too much to handle, along with a mediocre script, underdeveloped characters, and a generic villain.

However, the ray of light was always a director’s cut, and after a huge campaign from fans, a Snyder Cut of the film was announced, then implemented, and here we are waiting on a 4-hour epic revamp of Justice League to be released on HBO Max on March 18th.

What this cut will look like remains to be seen, and it has already seen a lot of controversies.

It seemed that it would be released in 4 one hour episodes, or over 2 movies, and Cyborg actor Ray Fisher has been highlighting his own concerns over social media about the film’s production, but come March 18th fans will finally get the film they wanted, and we can only hope it will be worth the wait.

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