Firefly Lane season 1, episode 2 recap – what happened in “Oh! Sweet Something”? The saddest person they know.

February 3, 2021
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“Oh! Sweet Something” peels away at Tully’s character to encourage the audience to understand her underlying sadness. The strength of Tully’s friendship with Kate feels more apparent in the second chapter — even though they have unspoken issues, they are friends for life.

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“Oh! Sweet Something” peels away at Tully’s character to encourage the audience to understand her underlying sadness. The strength of Tully’s friendship with Kate feels more apparent in the second chapter — even though they have unspoken issues, they are friends for life.

This recap of Netflix’s Firefly Lane season 1, episode 2, “Oh! Sweet Something” contains significant spoilers.

After the last episode, where we established how these two friends met, the series now has to tackle their unspoken troubles and hidden secrets. “Oh! Sweet Something” delves into how their friendship grew; from a traumatic event to working together.

Firefly Lane season 1, episode 2 starts with teen Tully attending a campfire party with Pat. He tells her that every single guy wants her at this party. In the present day, Tully tells Johnny that she’s angry at him for hurting her best friend, Kate. Johnny expresses they were unhappy. He then reveals he’s going to be a war correspondent again and Tully is annoyed at him, again. Johnny reminds her of the time when she told him that they were incapable of leading regular lives. Tully laughs at him that he’s holding on to a quote from the 80s that still impacts him. Johnny then deepens the conversation, and asks what would have happened if they made “different choices”. There’s a brief silence, and Tully tells him where his guest room is. What we can establish from this scene is that Johnny has unanswered feelings for Tully.

Kate is not happy about the consent forms signed by Tully so her daughter can use the pill

“Oh! Sweet Something” soon tackles the issue between both friends. The next day, Tully brings brunch for Marah and Kate. Marah is fretting that her mother knows about the birth control pill, and the consent form — Tully signed it. Kate is annoyed with Tully about the form. Tully then brings up Johnny and that she should try to catch up with him. Kate then explodes about the consent form and tells Tully that she crossed the line. Tully expresses that she was trying to help and storms out. It’s clear that Tully was trying to help, but in doing so, she undermined the parent — their friendship crossed boundaries.

An awful, traumatic moment for Tully

In a flashback, teen Tully and Pat get drunk and kiss. They decide to go somewhere more private to hook up in the forest. Tully is too drunk and tells Pat to stop as she wants to slow down. Pat tells her not to be “a tease” and rapes her. She zones out and remembers losing her mother during a protest. Afterward, Pat asks if she would like more beer, and is audaciously unaware of what he’s just done. Tully rolls over on the forest floor and throws up as Pat leaves her there. What a horrific, evil experience.

On the way home, Tully sees Kate’s horse and has a late-night conversation with Kate. Tully cries so Kate hugs her; Tully tells Kate about Pat at the party. Kate is furious and wants to tell someone about it. Tully wants it to be their secret. “Oh! Sweet Something” shows how their bond started from a deep, traumatic secret. It’s easy to see how they became best friends.

Kate starts a new job

In the present day, Kate starts her new job. Kimber wants Tully as soon as possible for an interview; Kate promises her that she will arrange it soon. Kimber asks Kate to read out her latest email, and when she does, it’s comically her boyfriend breaking up with her. Kimber explodes and says that “love is dead”, and that’s she’s going to be 30 soon, which is oddly ironic, as Kate is older than her. Kate is essentially her assistant.

Meanwhile, at work, Tully wants some shots removed where she’s showing emotion in an interview. Johnny tells her that the shots are fine, and they end up arguing. Tully keeps leaving Kate voicemails asking her to call her back after their argument. She cannot cope without her best friend.

Sean, the brother, returns from the Navy

At the midway point of Firefly Lane season 1, episode 2 we are introduced to a new character that sparks a party and a wild Tully.

In a flashback, Kate’s brother Sean returns from overseas and visits Tully and Kate at work — he’s back off-duty from the Navy. Tully and Kate are excited that he has returned. The office turns into a little party with alcohol and cocaine. Tully tells Sean that she wants to “jump his bones”, but he tells her that he’s taken. Meanwhile, Kate gives Johnny an article she’s been working on. Johnny offers to pitch it for her. The conversation changes and Johnny wonders when Tully turned so sad. Kate confirms that Tully is the saddest woman she knows. Firefly Lane brings up that notion of the happy-looking friend, who buries their darkness.

In another flashback, we see teen Tully having to deal with her mother and her boyfriend. The boyfriend gets close to her space, so she hits him with a spatula while frying eggy bread. Memories flushed back of what happened to her at the camp party with Pat. This is a broken childhood, and the series is trying to exemplify how it has formed her adult life.

Tully arranges a “second date” with Max

In the present day, Tully meets Max at a bar. He calls it a date, but she tells him it isn’t that. Max reminds Tully that she’s more than famous, she’s noteworthy. He asks about her parents. Tully explains that her mother is dead, and she never knew her father. She also states her mother was terrible. Max raises how maybe the adversity has made her stronger. He gets super nervous around her, and Tully asks if he wants sex in the bathroom. She gives him her knickers and tells him to “knock twice”. It’s difficult to gauge whether she genuinely likes Max at this stage of this series, or if it’s purely just sex to distract herself.

Sean thinks Johnny is into Tully

In another flashback, Tully smashes through a glass table at the office party. Johnny carries Tully away, while Kate cleans up. Sean tells Kate that Johnny is into Tully and that it’s obvious — Kate’s facial expression to this says everything. Sean then reveals he has found someone, but he doesn’t want to talk about it and looks upset. But it feels flagrantly apparent why — the dialogue is too “on-the-nose” here as Kate keeps on saying “I can’t wait to meet HER // you deserve a good WOMAN”. Sean is gay.

While Johnny tends to Tully’s knee, she tells him that people like them cannot lead regular lives — this is what Johnny was quoting at the start of the episode. As they are about to kiss, they are interrupted by a colleague.

Johnny tells Kate that he got the job

In the present day, Johnny and Kate finally speak. Kate states it felt good to be back in the world again. He then brings up Tully and wonders if they’ve fallen out — he tells her to call her. Kate reveals that Tully gave their daughter birth control pills, and Johnny is fuming. Johnny then reveals he has a new job and brings up the possibility of having a “good divorce”. It’s evident that Kate is devastated, but she tries to keep it together. It’s one of those failed marriages where there are no hard feelings.

The ending

“Oh! Sweet Something” ends by highlighting how much Tully relies on her friend Kate.

In a flashback, teen Tully asks Kate to come outside at midnight to ride bikes. In the present, Tully goes to Kate’s house and tells her she cannot go a whole day without speaking to her — she calls her a soulmate. Tully apologies about Marah and the birth control pills. Kate explains how she is slowly losing her daughter, just like her husband, but Tully reassures her, and they finally make up.

The episode then flits to two years later, and Marah offers to drive her mother. Marah is wearing the earrings that Tully got her. They both express how they miss Tully. Kate and Marah are wearing black, hinting that they are going to a funeral.

Firefly Lane season 1, episode 2 peels away at Tully’s character to encourage the audience to understand her underlying sadness. The strength of Tully’s friendship with Kate feels more apparent in the second chapter — even though they have unspoken issues, they are friends for life.

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  • In the present, a photographer named Gideon at work wants to test his camera on Kate.
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