Lovestruck in the City episode 16 recap – “What Do You Think Love Is?”

February 12, 2021
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Episode 16 brings a shock to one couple, but we also receive a natural conclusion to another relationship, as the series is beginning to reach an ending.

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Episode 16 brings a shock to one couple, but we also receive a natural conclusion to another relationship, as the series is beginning to reach an ending.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series Lovestruck in the City episode 16 contains significant spoilers.

We are in the endgame now people — after the last episode, we had a few predictions, and at least one of them came to fruition.

At the start of this chapter, characters talk about the feeling of someone liking you back and an ideal relationship. Choi Kyeong-jun talks about being considerate and being yourself is key, which is ironic after what happens in this episode. Geon ponders over his recent official break-up with Oh Seon-yeong. There are clearly feelings lingering.

Lee Eun-o has a client meeting with Jae-won and Choi Kyeong-jun

It’s all good that Lee Eun-o wants to discover herself, but she forgot to consider that she still has to work with him, meaning it’s a painful reminder that she loves him.

Before the client meeting, Lee Eun-o remembers Rin-i’s words — that the old Lee Eun-o was not stupid, and neither is the new one; she’s trying to motivate herself. In the meeting with Choi Kyeong-jun and Jae-won, she delivers the presentation. They are both complimentary on her work, and Choi Kyeong-jun asks for a detailed budget. When Jae-won leaves the room, Choi Kyeong-jun tells Lee Eun-o that she kept staring at Jae-won and asks her if she thinks he’s good looking. This is awkward — Choi Kyeong-jun was obviously not informed on latest developments.

Rin-i is part of a pizza making competition

Choi Kyeong-jun, Lee Eun-o and Geon head to Rin-i’s pizza place she works at and they all compliment her pizza making skills. She’s taking part in a competition, and Rin-i tells Lee Eun-o to invite Jae-won. Choi Kyeong-jun raises how in the client meeting, Lee Eun-o and Jae-won kept looking at each other in the discussion — Geon kicks him under the table.

The roles have switched

We see some relationship/dating psychology in Lovestruck in the City episode 16 — we’ve all heard the theory that when someone is easily obtainable, we are less likely to try as hard. But what if they are unobtainable? The game changes, folks.

Lee Eun-o tries to ring Jae-won, but he doesn’t answer. She has no idea what to do, especially after the necklace she found from Jae-won. This is a great switch — the chased has become the chaser. Jae-won is playing a blinder.

The marketing event is in full swing

And the unobtainable theory continues…

At a marketing event, Lee Eun-o watches Jae-won on the CCTV, and she cannot stop thinking about him. Choi Kyeong-jun introduces his partner Rin-i to his uncle, and he asks her what she does for a living. Before she can answer, the uncle assumes she’s at graduate school — Choi Kyeong-jun clearly told this lie to him, and Rin-i is hurt. It’s almost like Choi Kyeong-jun is ashamed, and this is a massive red flag in their relationship.

Here is the sweet moment where Lee Eun-o admits she wants to learn self-love first:

Rin-i and Choi Kyeong-jun have a sobering talk

And that red flag boils over to after the event; it could not be ignored — it’s a pivotal moment n their relationship; the k-drama series has caught the audience off-guard.

Rin-i wants clarification from Choi Kyeong-jun about what his uncle said. He admits he told his uncle about graduate school because he is never sure what to say when asked about her career. He hates having to explain it. Choi Kyeong-jun also tells her he doesn’t like her lifestyle and wants Rin-i to get a decent job. Rin-i tells him she wants to live off what she needs, and that she prefers having more free time — she iterates that she loves her current self. Choi Kyeong-jun doesn’t like how she’s treated with these part-time jobs and people looking down on her.

“Let’s break up”

Rin-i understands how Choi Kyeong-jun feels, but she is doing her utmost to be happy and that it doesn’t matter what the world thinks. Rin-i is disappointed that the one person she trusted doesn’t understand her and asks Choi Kyeong-jun for a breakup. With her partner lying, it reminds her of her mother lying about her as well. Rin-i asks Kyeong-jun never to contact her again. Kyeong-jun stays in the car, shellshocked.

There’s a lot to unravel here — being ashamed of your partner’s career choice is a massive red flag, but there’s also a statement here about happiness — you don’t need high flying corporate jobs to be happy. Do what makes you happy, rather than doing what you assume will make you happy. Choi Kyeong-jun has completely missed the point.

Are you okay with who I am?

After the event, Choi Kyeong-jun asks Jae-won to drop Lee Eun-o off. They meet on the building roof. Lee Eun-o shows him the necklace with the padlock and raises how she doesn’t know who she is yet and thinks Jae-won may regret it when he finds out her true form. Lee Eun-o then tells him that she’s still a mess, not the Yoon Seon-a he knew of and that she’s still not the best version of Lee Eun-o but asks if he’s okay with that.

“The first kiss”

Jae-won believes that the person he knows is still inside Lee Eun-o and that’s what the necklace with the padlock meant. Jae-won tells Lee Eun-o that instead of removing things she needs to fix, they should get to know them together. He suggests they date first and see what that means. As he says that, Lee Eun-o’s eyes light up — she’s finding happiness in a man that’s willing to accept her. They kiss for the first time without any lies between them, which is why they are nervous around each other. It’s like a first kiss. This was a sweet moment; Lee Eun-o’s face says everything we need to know — she’s taken her first step to happiness.

The ending

Jae-won tells Lee Eun-o that they are officially a couple. There’s a softness between them now. After weeks of arguing and chasing, they’ve finally found each other, properly.

Lovestruck in the City episode 16 brings a shock to one couple, but we also receive a natural conclusion to another relationship, as the series is beginning to reach an ending.

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  • February 20, 2021 at 4:01 pm

    It was a bomb how my fav couple broke up… im still notninto the main characters being together but well, I knew it was coming. It made me remember how everyone was saying YSA was a lying thief bt when they kbew it was LEO, its all forgiven then because it was someone they knew. I get she was shocked to the core but it still doesnt excuse not telling Jaewon the truth the many times she has an opportunity. at this point, I just wish KJ abd RI can work things out

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