A Love So Beautiful episode 22 recap – Sol-i asks for time

February 15, 2021
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Episode 22 gives Cha Heon a reality check — it’s now or never — will he commit? Or will the games continue?

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series A Love So Beautiful episode 22 contains significant spoilers.

We are reaching the important chapters of the series now — Cha Heon heading to the states was a pivotal chapter that has swayed the story for the rest of the season.

At the start of episode 22, Cha Heon debates on whether to call Sol-i. He’s very down about it, but then his colleague Ji-su points out that surely someone else has an eye on her as she’s cute. Suddenly, Ji-su gets excited about an autograph event with Dae-sung.

It’s an interesting stage of the story where Cha Heon no longer feels in control — he was too complacent.

Cha Heon asks Jin-hwan for help

Cha Heon tells Jin-hwan that he cannot get hold of Sol-i. Jin-hwan tells Cha Heon that Sol-i doesn’t wait around for him anymore and that she’s landed herself a gig as a webtoon artist. Cha Heon wants Jin-hwan to help him, but his friend accidentally reveals that Sol-i was sexually harassed. Later on, Jin-hwan invites Sol-i to w house warming party.

The house warming party

At the party, Dae-sung attends. Cha Heon turns up to the housewarming party dressed up in a high school uniform. He’s embarrassed, believing that was the theme. During the party, Cha Heon gets a call and he has to go to the hospital. Before he leaves, Dae-sung tells Cha Heon that he will take Sol-i home.

Dae-sung shoots his shot part two

It’s genuinely surprising that Dae-sung has clung on to hope for Sol-i for so long, knowing full well that her heart is set on Cha Heon, even with all the problems they are having.

When Dae-sung drops off Sol-i, he gives her a bouquet and asks her to be his girlfriend. He asks her to think carefully as this will be her last chance. He then shows her a ring and says no-one else can get a diamond ring like this for her — such arrogance! Sol-i tells him again that she sees him as a good friend. Dae-sung accepts it again before cheekily telling her she has low standards.

This is definitely a closed book on this potential romance now.

Cha Heon makes a massive admission

Dae-sung drowns his sorrows at a bar and gets drunk. He asks Cha Heon what kept him so busy that he couldn’t be by Sol-i’s side — he wants him to take her seriously. Cha Heon confirms that he likes Sol-i more than she likes him. He thought she’d join him when he left, but she didn’t. He confirms he has regretted the last three years and he can’t live without her. When Sol-i finishes, Dae-sung gets his phone out to confirm that Sol-i was on a call with him — she heard everything Cha Heon said. Ironically, Dae-sung sorted everything out between them — he wanted Cha Heon to prove himself.

The ending

At the end of the night, Cha Heon and Sol-i walk home together. He apologises to her and admits it was his fault. He asks for forgiveness. Sol-i asks Cha Heon to give her some time.

In the epilogue, Cha Heon brings Dae-sung into his work and Ji-su is bowled over by his presence.

A Love So Beautiful episode 22 gives Cha Heon a reality check — it’s now or never — will he commit? Or will the games continue?

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